Braun’s BG 5030 Body Groomer

Fashions change. Much of what was “in” – like excessive body hair– is now decidedly “out”.

The hirsute male, whose coarse chest hair once proudly bristled beyond the confines of a wide-collared shirt, has been replaced by a smoother, sleeker sort of man – one that’s strong, masculine – and confident in freeing himself from the rough clutches of body hair. You too can be free! All you need is the Braun BG5030 Body Trimmer – an affordable and decidedly excellent men’s grooming tool.

body-groomer-bg5030-side view

BG 5030 Groomer Main Features

  • Suitable for all-over use, giving you a completely groomed body.
  • Includes three trimming combs – Sensitive (0.6 mm); Medium (3 mm) and Long (8 mm).
  • Specially designed to prevent irritation when trimming sensitive areas, such as underarms or groin.
  • Combines electric trimming and wet shaving technology for the best possible result.
  • Fast and convenient: combination mode allows trimming and shaving in one motion.

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Braun BG5030 Body Trimmer Overview

Trims and Shaves Everywhere – Enjoy Head-to-Toe Grooming!

Everyone is a bit different, and whether you have a hairy chest, hairy back, hairy you-know-what – or all of the above – the Braun BG5030 has you covered. I’ve had no trouble trimming or shaving even difficult-to-reach, sensitive or otherwise challenging areas. Some body hair groomers can’t handle skin that dips, recedes or protrudes (think buttocks, groin, underarms and abdomen), but the BG5030 handles it all, effortlessly.

Specially Designed Trimming Element Minimizes Irritation

Are you a manly man? Of course you are – but today’s man isn’t just strong – he’s sensitive! That’s why the BG5030 trimmer utilizes a unique trimming element, specially designed to minimize irritation. Unlike a regular beard trimmer (hands up if you’ve suffered the indignity of manscaping your groin with one of those!), whose larger, more widely spaced teeth are only suitable for wire-tough facial hair, Braun’s body trimmer features small, finely spaced teeth that significantly cut down – pun intended – on cuts and scratches. bg5030 in hand version 2


Gillette Technology Lets You Shave and Trim at the Same Time

Braun has teamed up with another world-leader in shaving products – Gillette – and incorporated their advanced wet shaving technology into the BG5030. A replaceable five-blade Gillette Fusion cartridge sits above the standard trimming element, giving you a skin-close, baby-smooth shave, anywhere, any time. (And I’m sure that you will, as I did, appreciate that not one, but two, cartridges were included!)

Why Fusion?

In keeping with the BG5030’s comfort-driven design, Fusion cartridges are one of Gillette’s most advanced wet shaving products. The five blades are closely-spaced, maximizing cutting efficiency while minimizing pressure – and the flexible comfort guard and lubricating strip reduce irritation while improving performance.

Waterproof Design Lets You Groom and Shave in the Shower

Braun is famous for thoughtfully designed, well-built grooming tools, and the BG5030 is no exception – it’s one hundred percent waterproof, which means it can be used in the shower! I’m a fan of doing so: the hot water softens skin, making hair removal easier, and stubble is immediately rinsed away and down the drain, keeping me – and the trimmer – clean!

BG 5030 Easy to Charge and Ready to Go

Long gone are the days of being tied to a mains outlet. I appreciate that Braun’s BG5030 Body Trimmer is powered by a rechargeable battery, making it possible to pick up and use whenever I need it. The included charging stand is more convenient than a basic charging cable – after each use, I simply place the trimmer on the stand, and though the two nickel metal hydride batteries charge more slowly than their costlier lithium ion counterparts, the infrequency with which the trimmer gets used, as well as the generous runtime, means I never worry about losing power.

BG 5030 complete trimming set

Braun BG 5030 Groomer Review Summery

Though the BG530 is manufactured by Braun – a company whose highest-end offerings don’t come cheap – and incorporates trimming, grooming and shaving technology – it’s affordable, presently selling for under £35. It’s also comfortable to hold, easy to use, and has presented me with no issues worth mentioning. If you’re in the market for an effective, reasonably-priced body trimmer, look no further than the Braun BG5030!

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