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Best Body Groomer For Manscaping in 2023

Men, times have changed. Leaving the top four buttons of your shirt undone so the world can marvel at the shag carpet sprouting from your chest isn’t merely passé – it’s downright offensive.

Today, polite society demands that male body hair be held to a more civilized standard of grooming, and to keep your body hair in check, here’s our pick of the best body groomers of 2023.

1. Best Body Groomer [Overall]: Philips Series 7000 Showerproof Body Groomer and Trimmer BG7025/13

best body groomer 1 philips

Philips Series 7000 Features At-a-Glance

  • Convenient, dual-sided design featuring integrated trimmer and 5-length adjustable comb (from 3 – 11mm), for quick, simple shaving and trimming – no need to change attachments
  • 4D, quad-directional groomer head flexes in four directions, following body contours and shaving super close for a smooth finish.
  • Skin Comfort system featuring rounded tips minimizes skin irritation
  • Long-lasting power: up to 80 minutes of runtime
  • Quick charging: high-capacity lithium-ion battery charges in 60 minutes
  • Completely showerproof – use safely in the shower, even with foam or gel, and rinse clean under running water

We think highly of Philips, and so do the thousands of men all over the world who are using their shavers and trimmers every day. A long-standing manufacturer of personal care and grooming products, Philips provides well-designed tools to help you look and feel your best.

man trimming body hair with clipper

Take the new Philips Series 7000 Showerproof Body Groomer and Trimmer, it comfortably trims and shaves anywhere below the neck, thanks to a trimmer and integrated length comb, and a skin-friendly, quad-directional, 4D contour-following shaving head system with pre-trimmers.

Because the body groomer’s shaving head flexes in four directions, less pressure is required to achieve a close shave.

The body shaver head has two long hair trimmers with rounded tips to avoid the chance of nick, cuts, and scratches. The middle shaver uses a hypoallergenic foil and bidirectional trimming, making the Philips Series 7000 Showerproof Body Groomer and Trimmer gentle on the skin and tough on hair – even long, hard-to-trim body hair, which is captured and cut by the finely perforated foil.

And because the trimmer and adjustable, 5-length comb are integrated, everything you need is built into this male grooming kit – perfect if you’re in a hurry (and who isn’t these days?).

Most body groomers have one shaving head to cut hair. The problem with this is that male hairs vary in thickness, density, and growth patterns across the body.

For example, chest hairs can be fine, but curly and bushing, covering a large surface area.

To cut hairs down smooth, you need a foil shaving element, but a foil shaver alone would struggle to get through this high level of chest hair growth, that’s why Philips has added a clipper/trimmer to one end of their groomer so that you can easily trim all this hair away and use the shaver head for a smooth finish.

It’s a very clever, well-thought-out design. Whether it’s hair on your chest, upper arms, legs, groin, belly, shoulders, back, or forearms, with this double shaver/trimmer combo, you have much more control, and can easily trim, shave, or shape all body hair – regardless of thickness or density.

Naturally, the Philips Series 7000 BG7025/13 is fully water-resistant, making it easy to use and clean, while the ergonomic, rubberized handle feels comfortable and secure in use.

The integrated, high-capacity lithium-ion battery charges in only one hour, while providing a better than average runtime of up to 80 minutes.

Just lift the water-sealed flap located on the handle of the groomer and insert the included power adapter. Like other Philips trimmers and groomers, the BG7025/13 features universal voltage compatibility, allowing it to be safely charged anywhere in the world.

Its performance, comfort, convenience, and reasonable price make the Philips Series 7000 BG7025/13 a solid choice and our best-recommended body groomer of 2023.

2. A Close Second: Philips OneBlade Hybrid Body and Face Stubble Trimmer

philips body groomer

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Features At-a-Glance

  • One grooming tool does it all – shaves, edges and trims anywhere: face, neck and all-over body.
  • Maintains stubble and short hair of almost any length
  • Includes 4 click-on comb guards: 1, 2, 3 and 5mm
  • Click-on skin guard provides extra protection when trimming delicate areas
  • Uses a flat, dual-sided, long-lasting blade that cuts in both directions
  • Anti-friction blade coating and bi-directional head to maximize comfort
  • Up to 60 minutes of steady performance from built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Wet and dry use—get a great trim in and out of the shower
  • Perfect for using on the go—includes 2 blades and a travel pouch

Also from Philips, the OneBlade Hybrid Body and Face Stubble Trimmer is a unique take on the traditional body groomer. When Philips released the OneBlade and OneBlade Pro electric face trimmers, sensitive-skinned men of the world rejoiced.

The is the same trimmer handle as the OneBlade, but in this set, you get one blade for your face and another for your body. Because you don’t want to shave your face with the after trimming armpit or pubic hair with the same blade.

So, two blades in this Philips body hair trimmer set, each having its own purpose. Also included is a “body comb” for trimming, well, body hair.

The OneBlade’s flat, dual-sided blade cuts with precision and the perfect degree of closeness.

Similarly, the OneBlade Hybrid Body and Face Stubble Trimmer features a rectangular blade, surrounded by round tips that provide an extra lift to flat-lying body hair, for close, even cutting.

A special, low-friction coating helps the blade glide over uneven areas – and fades over time, reminding you when it’s time for a fresh blade.

As its name suggests, the OneBlade Hybrid Body and Face Stubble Trimmer aren’t designed for use only below the neck. It can trim, edge, shape, and shave your beard, too.

Pop on one of the included removable combs – in 1, 2, 3, and 5mm lengths – flip the blade sideways, and craft your personal style, or cut with the blade flat and against the grain for a comfortable shave.

Trimming sensitive areas such as the neck, underarms, and groin can be a challenge. That’s why Philips included a removable skin guard, with a long, widely spaced comb that protects delicate skin – and a bidirectional, swiveling blade mount that follows the contours of your body.

Blades are replaceable, and while not inexpensive, have excellent longevity, typically lasting up to four months of use before performance diminishes.

And despite the Hybrid Body and Face Stubble Trimmer’s small size, its rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides one hour of constant, regulated runtime. As with other OneBlade products, the Hybrid Body and Face Stubble Trimmer can be used wet or dry – with or without foam or cream, and both in and out of the shower.

Cleanup is a breeze – simply rinse the trimmer head under running water to wash away stubble and trimmed hairs.

Compact, comfortable, precise – and versatile enough to be used almost anywhere hair grows – the Philips OneBlade Hybrid Body and Face Stubble Trimmer deserves its spot on our list of best body groomers for men.

Honorable Mentions…

3. Remington Graphite G5 Men’s Electric Multi Groomer

Remington G5 groomer

The Remington Graphite G5 is the latest body groomer to hit the shelves.

It’s an all-in-one grooming device for men with 6 attachments. Whether you want to neaten up stubble, remove ear hair, or remove all hairs growing on the body, the Graphite G5 does it all.

If you’re the kind of guy that likes to take his time trimming large amounts of chest or leg hairs, and shape fine details, then you want long-lasting cordless power. The G5 has a seriously impressive 90 minutes of solid battery power, which beats the best body hair trimmers out there.

This head-to-toe groomer features self-sharpening blades, so you’re always operating at peak performance. And being 100% waterproof, you can use it while showering, for comfort, speed, and cleanliness.

How to Choose The Best Body Groomer

shaving armpit and chest hair with OneBlade trimmer

Still not sure which body groomer is right for you?

No problem – that’s what we’re here for. Consider the following criteria, which we use not only to make product recommendations but to choose grooming tools for our own personal use.

Here’s what matters most:

Groomer Quality. The best body groomers are well-built, water-sealed, and capable of withstanding regular use in damp environments.

Brand reputation and customer body groomer reviews. To stand the test of time – and the ire of dissatisfied consumers – a brand must consistently prove itself worthy of one’s hard-earned money.

Stick with body groomers from reputable, well-known brands with which you’ve had a good experience or those that come recommended by others.

And read customer reviews. No one product is universally favoured, but those largely well-liked are invariably a better choice than products whose reviews are divisive.

Ergonomics. Encompassing overall size, weight, shape, and texture, the ergonomic design of a body groomer is of high importance. A good body groomer should be comfortably sized and possible to operate one-handed without causing undue fatigue.

Heft can be – but isn’t always – indicative of quality. An exceedingly heavy body groomer can be tiring to hold.

Opt for a contoured handle that allows a natural grip in numerous positions, and look for body groomers with rubberized or textured areas to reduce slippage – especially important for use in the shower.

Trimmer Attachments. Most body groomers include attachments, such as trimmers and combs. Some designs incorporate attachments into the body of the trimmer.

This is advantageous: there are fewer parts to misplace. Conversely, removable attachments take up more space, but may offer greater precision or variety of cutting length – and should one break, it’s more easily replaced.

Always ensure that, regardless of attachment type, a body groomer can cut hair to your desired length, without the need for supplemental tools or accessories.

Power sources. The majority of body groomers are powered by a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery, the only disadvantage to which is that it needs to be recharged.

Nonetheless, we favour this source of power – it frees you from tangled cords and constant proximity to a mains outlet. Most lithium-ion batteries provide, at minimum, 45 minutes of runtime, and usually more, which is adequate for even full-body grooming, or a number of shorter sessions.

If you groom only certain parts of your body, note how many minutes you spend per session to determine if a body groomer’s battery will last one week on a full charge. For example, a body groomer whose battery has a 60-minute runtime will provide four, 15-minute sessions – one every other day – or six, 10-minute sessions – one for almost every day of the week.

Power and cutting performance. Is your body hair coarse, dense, and profuse, or soft, fine, and patchy?

Choose a body groomer accordingly. Hair that’s thick and widespread is more easily cut with a high-powered grooming tool – ideally one with a large cutting head and wide blade.

Less powerful body groomers are suitable for trimming lighter growth and smaller areas and offer the advantage of greater precision.

Wet / Dry Body Groomer. Top body groomers and trimmers are fully showerproof, allowing them to be used both wet and dry.

The latter is arguably more precise, and better suited to especially long body hair – but wet-trimming is not without its merits, chiefly among which are comfort and ease of cleanup.

Being able to simply rinse a body groomer under running water is a huge time-saver.

Longevity and long-term maintenance. Let’s face it: use anything long enough, and it will wear out.

That’s why it’s important to look for a body groomer that’s not only built to last, but that requires as little maintenance as possible. User-replaceable blades are a good place to start.

Some body groomers require regular oiling. Others don’t. Cleaning a body groomer after each use is recommended since trapped stubble and dead skin can harbour bacteria and hinder performance.

Points to Remember…

A high-quality body groomer belongs in your kit. Rechargeable, portable, affordable, and purpose-built for the tough task of removing hair – even from where, as they say, the sun don’t shine – the best body groomers are up for the job.

We hope our body groomer buying guide has been helpful. Now get out there and strut your stuff, 21st-century man! Then, come back and check our manscaping guide to get the most from your new body groomer investment.

How Not to Manscape

man with hairless body

Hair, hair everywhere. An abundance of body hair, once commonplace, grew profusely even on parts of the body uncommonly seen. But that was then. The 21st-century man maintains a higher aesthetic standard, relying on top-quality, cordless body groomers and trimmers, of which there are many to choose from.

Masculinity is no longer defined by hirsuteness – just look around: Celebrities, athletes, and musicians have all embraced a clean, tidy look.

If the thought of removing hair anywhere below your neckline fills you with dread, read on. You’re about to learn how to manscape the right way – effectively and painlessly.

Follow this manscaping guide and choose one from one of our top men’s body hair groomer reviews, and move forward to a more attractive body.

To begin, let’s briefly discuss four methods of manscaping that we simply can’t recommend doing at home: Waxing, creams, shaving, and laser depilation.

Why not wax?

Two words: Messy and painful.

Most waxes are sticky, slimy, or otherwise texturally unpleasing. They may contain unnatural substances and typically involve using fabric or paper strips to rip the wax-covered hair out of your body. Yikes!

Why not use creams?

Creams are much like wax – they can be messy, contain questionable ingredients, and though there’s no ripping out of hair involved, there often is pain – a burning sort of pain, as the highly alkaline cream eats through body hair and makes contact with your skin.

Why not shave?

Unless you’ve never had the misfortune of experiencing a shaving rash – also known as razor burn – on your face, you can surely imagine how awful that kind of irritation would feel against the delicate skin of your nether regions.

Why not just get a laser treatment?

Two reasons: Cost and short-lived results. Each session under a depilatory laser will set you back between £65 and £200. Adding insult to injury are the many reports from unhappily hairy men that the results don’t last long, certainly not long enough to justify the exorbitant price.

For Body Hair Removal, Choose a Men’s Body Groomer

waterproof body trimmer

The simplest, most effective way to keep your body hair under control is with a cordless electric body trimmer. Similar to electric shavers, trimmers, and hair clippers, a body groomer is a handheld device designed to quickly and safely remove hair.

Compared to a typical electric shaver, groomers often have smaller blades and single-foil heads – their relatively diminutive size means you can fit them into small spaces.

Step One: Start with Your Chest Hair

If your chest hair is particularly dense, avoid the temptation to shear it down to the shortest possible length. That’s asking for trouble – just imagine the itchy, grating sensation of a shirt rubbing against your stubbly pecs!

Instead, choose a conservative length setting on your grooming tool. You can always go shorter, but you can’t go longer once the hair’s been cut. Gradually decrease the setting until you are satisfied with the result.

You should aim for a natural look that follows the contours of the chest. If your hair is particularly long or dense, note the direction it grows in, and move the groomer in the opposing direction. This will allow flat-lying hairs to be lifted up and into the cutting blades.

If you find this causes irritation, reverse directions.

Step Two: Your Back and Shoulders

Not every man has to worry about this step – but if you do, apply the same principles which pertain to grooming your chest: Remove hair incrementally and keep things looking well-kempt but natural. If you have dense or fast-growing hair on your shoulders or back, consider investing in a top body groomer with an extra-long or hinged handle to reduce arm and wrist strain. A mirror (or two) will help you see what you’re doing.

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Next Stop: The Land Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Call it what you will – the nether-regions, south-of-the-equator or any other number of amusingly descriptive monikers – the area below your belt, and that includes both the front and the rear, can be a hairy place.

The uninitiated may be perturbed by the prospect of bringing an object whose business end comprises rapidly oscillating blades near such a sensitive area – but there’s nothing to fear.

Personal preference about hair on these parts of the body varies widely, so go with what you think looks good – but again, if you’re uncertain, start with a longer length and proceed from there. Because of the sensitive nature of the skin around the crotch and rear, begin by moving the groomer with, not against, the direction of hair growth.

Only if this yields unsatisfactory results should you reverse directions.

Remember to wash and dry ahead of time – the combination of sweat and bacteria that can proliferate in a dark and unventilated area of the body should be rinsed clean before removing hair.

Finally, the Legs

There are no hard-and-fast rules about how your leg hair should look. Just be mindful of the fact that trimming it too short will result in stubble-like growth, which could be quite uncomfortable against the fabric of your pants.

Most men have moderate to high hair density on their legs. If you do, move the groomer in an upward direction, from the bottom of your legs to the top. Going against the direction the hair grows will lift it up and into the path of the trimmer blades, for a faster, more efficient trim.

Avoid undue pressure when moving the groomer against your shins – the combination of thin skin and the close proximity of the shin bone can cause this area to be quite sensitive.

Tidying Up With a Body Trimmer

Remove any loose hairs with a dry towel or in the shower – though be mindful that if you’ve trimmed a great deal of hair, you might risk clogging the drain! Clean your body trimmer per the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you experienced any skin irritation, apply a soothing moisturizer or balm post shaver, apply less pressure – or better, use a sensitive skin shaving gel with a waterproof trimmer like one of our best body groomer recommendations -the Philips Series 5000 Body groomer. This will allow the groomer to glide across the skin, while the blades do the work without causing discomfort.