Best Body Groomer Tool For Manscaping

Men, times have changed. Leaving the top four buttons of your shirt undone so the world can marvel at the shag carpet sprouting from your chest isn’t merely passé – it’s downright offensive.

Today, polite society demands that male body hair be held to a more civilized standard of grooming, and to keep your body hair in check, here’s our best rated body groomer review of 2019.

best body hair groomer

Masculinity is no longer defined by hirsuteness – just look around: Celebrities, athletes and musicians have all embraced a clean, tidy look.

If the thought of removing hair anywhere below your neckline fills you with dread, read on. You’re about to learn how to manscape the right way – effectively and painlessly.

How Not to Manscape

To begin, let’s briefly discuss four methods of manscaping that we simply can’t recommend doing at home: Waxing, creams, shaving and laser depilation.

Why not wax?

Two words: Messy and painful.

Most waxes are sticky, slimy or otherwise texturally unpleasing. They may contain unnatural substances and typically involve using fabric or paper strips to rip the wax-covered hair out of your body. Yikes!

Why not use creams?

Creams are much like wax – they can be messy, contain questionable ingredients, and though there’s no ripping out of hair involved, there often is pain – a burning sort of pain, as the highly alkaline cream eats through body hair and makes contact with your skin.

Why not shave?

Unless you’ve never had the misfortune of experiencing a shaving rash – also known as razor burn – on your face, you can surely imagine how awful that kind of irritation would feel against the delicate skin of your nether-regions.

Why not just get a laser treatment? Two reasons: Cost and short-lived results. Each session under a depilatory laser will set you back between £65 and £200. Adding insult to injury are the many reports from unhappily hairy men that the results don’t last long, certainly not long enough to justify the exorbitant price.

How to Use Your New Best Body Groomer

philips body groomer

The simplest, most effective way to keep your body hair under control is with a cordless electric body trimmer. Similar to electric shavers, trimmers and hair clippers, a body groomer is a handheld device designed to quickly and safely remove hair.

Compared to a typical electric shaver, groomers often have smaller blades and single-foil heads – their relatively diminutive size means you can fit them into small spaces.

Step One: Start with Your Chest Hair

If your chest hair is particularly dense, avoid the temptation to shear it down to the shortest possible length. That’s asking for trouble – just imagine the itchy, grating sensation of a shirt rubbing against your stubbly pecs!

Instead, choose a conservative length setting on your grooming tool. You can always go shorter, but you can’t go longer once the hair’s been cut. Gradually decrease the setting until you are satisfied with the result.

You should aim for a natural look which follows the contours of the chest. If your hair is particularly long or dense, note the direction it grows in, and move the groomer in the opposing direction. This will allow flat-laying hairs to be lifted up and into the cutting blades.

If you find this causes irritation, reverse directions.

Step Two: Your Back and Shoulders

Not every man has to worry about this step – but if you do, apply the same principles which pertain to grooming your chest: Remove hair incrementally and keep things looking well-kempt, but natural. If you have dense or fast-growing hair on your shoulders or back, consider investing in a top body groomer with an extra-long or hinged handle to reduce arm and wrist strain. A mirror (or two) will help you see what you’re doing.

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Next Stop: The Land Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Call it what you will – the nether-regions, south-of-the-equator or any other number of amusingly descriptive monikers – the area below your belt, and that includes both the front and the rear, can be a hairy place.

The uninitiated may be perturbed by the prospect of bringing an object whose business end comprises rapidly oscillating blades near such a sensitive area – but there’s nothing to fear.

Personal preference about hair on these parts of the body varies widely, so go with what you think looks good – but again, if you’re uncertain, start with a longer length and proceed from there. Because of the sensitive nature of the skin around the crotch and rear, begin by moving the groomer with, not against, the direction of hair growth.

Only if this yields unsatisfactory results should you reverse directions.

Remember to wash and dry ahead of time – the combination of sweat and bacteria that can proliferate in a dark and unventilated area of the body should be rinsed clean before removing hair.

Finally, the Legs

There are no hard-and-fast rules about how your leg hair should look. Just be mindful of the fact that trimming it too short will result in stubble-like growth, which could be quite uncomfortable against the fabric of your pants.

Most men have moderate to high hair density on their legs. If you do, move the groomer in an upward direction, from the bottom of your legs to the top. Going against the direction the hair grows will lift it up and into the path of the trimmer blades, for a faster, more efficient trim.

Avoid undue pressure when moving the groomer against your shins – the combination of thin skin and the close proximity of the shin bone can cause this area to be quite sensitive.

Body Grooming Tidying Up

Remove any loose hairs with a dry towel or in the shower – though be mindful that if you’ve trimmed a great deal of hair, you might risk clogging the drain! Clean your body groomer per the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you experienced any skin irritation, apply a soothing moisturizer or balm post shaver, apply less pressure – or better, use a sensitive skin shaving gel with a waterproof trimmer like our best body groomer recommendation -the Philips Series 5000 Body groomer. This will allow the groomer to glide across the skin, while the blades do the work without causing discomfort.

Last Updated 15/02/2019