Panasonic ES-RT51 Men’s Shaver

The Panasonic ES-RT51 rechargeable wet dry electric shaver provides great features at an affordable price. It boasts the sharpest blades you can find on an electric razor along with the versatility of wet dry shaving. Continue reading below to discover the unique features this affordable electric razor has to offer.

Wet and Dry Shaving

Nothing is more convenient and flexible than having a shaver you can use both wet and dry. The best part about having a wet dry shaver is that you can still use your favorite shaving gels and creams. It’s like having the best of both worlds. You get the convenience of an electric shaver along with the flexibility to shave in the shower or use your favorite shaving cream.

Having a wet dry shaver also means that cleanup is a breeze. You can place your electric shaver directly under running water for a fast, easy 3 second cleaning. This helps keep your shaver running strong every time you use it.

Triple Blade Cutting

The 30 degree nano-edge blades in this shaver are incredibly sharp. The triple blade cutting system provides 3 individual blades for the cleanest, closest shave possible. Each blade is covered by an ultra-thin foil and moves up and down independently to provide you with a shave that rivals the best manual razors.

Powerful Shaving Experience

The powerful motor in the ES-RT51 operates at an incredible 10,000 reps per minute. This helps you to make short work of your shaving routine every day. It cuts close to eliminate the shortest stubble while also providing the power necessary to effortlessly slice through a tough 3 day beard.

Multi-Directional Pivoting Shave Head>The multi-directional pivoting shaving head hugs the curves and contours of your face and neck. It can pivot up and down as well as left and right to get into all those trouble areas. This means you’ll cut more hairs with every pass. You can forget about going over the same areas multiple times in order to get a clean, close shave.

Cool LCD Display

A 5 step LCD display helps you to keep tabs on your battery life. Unlike other electric razors, you’ll never have to wonder how much battery life is left. The LCD display will quickly show you a percentage representing how much charge is remaining. You’ll never be stuck on your way to work with a dead razor.

5 Minute Quick Charge

Even if your razor does go dead you can quickly charge it for a single use. The 5 minute quick charge will provide enough power for one shave. This means you’ll never be stuck a dead razor if you’ve got at least 5 minutes to plug it in.

Built-In Flip-Up Trimmer

The flip-up trimmer on the back of this shaver makes it easy to take care of all your manscaping needs. Simply flip it up and turn on your razor to trim up your beard, moustache and sideburns with ease. This makes it easy to take care of your entire routine with a single device.

With this Panasonic shaver you get the features of a high end electric shaver at a value price. It consistently ranks well among online reviews which makes it an ideal choice for savvy consumers. If you want the best but don’t want to pay a lot then this rechargeable electric wet dry razor simply can’t be beat.