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Philips Series 5000 Body Groomer Review – BG5020/13

There’s no getting away from it –  These days, it’s as important to have a well-groomed body as it is a tidily kept beard or evenly shaven cheeks. Now, you have a number of options for keeping everything below the neck looking hairless, but there’s just one tool worth considering – and that’s the recently updated Philips Series 5000 Body Groomer – model BG5020/13.

I’ve tested a number of body trimmers over the years – ranging from excellent to downright awful. By far the Philips Series 5000 groomer has worked best, and the previously successful BG2036/32 was recently updated to the BG5020/13 model, which I’ll be covering in this review.

Philips manufacture some of the world’s known electric shavers and beard trimmers, and today, I’m going to walk you through the features of the new BG5020/13 Series 5000 body groomer – another superb grooming tool designed to remove hair anywhere from the neck down.

You’ll see from this review, the Philips standard of functionality and quality remains as high as ever with another exceptional men’s body grooming tool.

Philips BG5020/13 Body Groomer Key Features

  1. Special hair pre-trimmers for every part of the body below the neck.
  2. 100% waterproof design allows for wet or dry operation.
  3. Comfortable to hold – ergonomic shape and long handle makes it easy to operate.
  4. Pearl tips and hypoallergenic shaver are gentle against even the most sensitive skin.
  5. Cuts hair to the perfect length with included 3, 5 and 7 mm combs.
  6. Back shaver attachment to trim entire back.
  7. Reliable lasting built-in rechargeable batter for consistent cordless trimming.

Philips Series 5000 Showerproof Body Groomer with Back Attachment

Safe for the Whole Body

I love how the Philips Series 5000 body groomer lets me trim any hair, anywhere on my body. It doesn’t matter if I’m tackling my back, the tender area under my arms, my chest or stomach, the thin skin on my shins, or even my groin.

As for the latter, I was a bit hesitant to put something with quickly moving blades near such a crucial part of my anatomy, but my fears were soon allayed – the groomer did a brilliant job of tidying things up, with no nicks, scratches, or tugging.

The three included combs allow you to cut hairs at various lengths – from clean-shaven to a little fluff, the choice is yours.

It’s not recommended that you trim and shave my head with it. The trimmer is exclusively designed for manscaping body hairs.

Philips Series 5000 Outstanding Comfort

The double sided rounded-tip pre-trimmers on either side of the main foil – they mow down longer hairs in advance, making it easier for the foil to do its job.

Back Attachment

The face can be shaved without difficultly – just raise your arm and have at it. But the body – well, all those nooks, crannies and out of reach places make regular trimmers a challenge to use, forcing you to overstretch and kink your wrists at awkward angles. Fortunately, with the Philips Series 5000 trimmer, this isn’t an issue.

One of my favourite features is the extra-long handle attachment. It would otherwise look out of place, but it makes using the groomer a snap. You’ll notice the advantage most when trimming your back hair. There’s a reason that backscratchers have long handles – it’s simply not comfortable to reach that area with your hand alone. The series 5000 groomer simply slots into the extender attachment allowing you to easily rid your back of unwanted hair.

The extendable arm makes it easy to shave your back and any other hard to reach places. This revolutionary technology transforms the activity of shaving from something that was once a nuisance to an experience that can be quick, safe, and worry-free.

In addition, the rubber coated handle is attractively and comfortably contoured. It’s easy to hold onto – I never felt it would escape my grip, even when wet.

Wet or Dry Operation for Irritation-Free Grooming

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Some men prefer to trim their hair when it’s dry. The process is quick and requires nothing more than sweeping up afterwards. For the sensitive-skinned among us, grooming in the shower is a better option – the water helps the trimmer foil glide more smoothly. Luckily, the Philips BG5020/13 is 100% waterproof. It can be used safely in the shower and rinsed off under the tap.

With that said, I found the trimmer worked better on dry hair, because when hairs are wet they stick to the skin, so not as easily cut.

Ready When You Are

One of life’s small annoyances is expecting a rechargeable device to be ready at a moment’s – any moment’s – notice, but when you turn it on… nothing. The battery ran out and you haven’t time to spare. Frantically, you plug the device in, wait for as long as you can afford and try again. To your dismay, the power runs down after three minutes.

You’ll never have to worry about that with the Philips series 5000 groomer. The battery charges to capacity in just one hour, providing you with 50 minutes of cordless power. If you’re in a hurry, a 10-minute quick charge gives you ten minutes of use.

The included charging cable is easy to connect, so there’s almost no excuse for letting the battery run down. Just pug the charger into the base of the groomer when the built-in LED signals low power. As you use the groomer, an integrated light will glow green to indicate a full charge. When you’re down to the last 10 minutes of runtime, the light blinks orange.

Its high-power NiMH battery can sustain the shaver for almost an hour without a cord despite the fact that it only takes an hour to fully charge it! It contains an LED that shows whether the battery is full or low. Products made by Philips are built to last, never require oiling, and have worldwide voltage compatibility.

If you want a straightforward, easy to use and effective body groomer, look no further than the Philips BG5020/13. It’s affordable, made by a brand you can trust, and will get you looking neat and tidy from head to toe.

Choose Your Length

You get 3 little comb attachments that snap over the trimmer and foil cutter so that you can trim hair back, without getting too close. For example, I like to trim down my forearm hairs, so I use the 7mm length comb. This allows me to evenly short the hairs, without getting too close a cut.

Completely bald forearms are not a good look for me, maybe if I was a bodybuilder, but I sure need some here there and these combs are great for controlling length. Also, the bi-directional combs are great for trimming pubic hair and leg hair, without shaving right down to skin level.

If you’re out for a quality body groomer that’s built to last, the Philips Series 5000 Showerproof Body Groomer model BG5020/13 is a great buy.

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