Philips Click and Style Review

Tired of using a manual razor every day?

Do you alternate between clean-shaven and a short, neat beard, but wish there were a simpler way to have either one than purchasing an electric shaver and electric beard trimmer?

The answer to your conundrum has arrived: All is revealed in our Philips Click and Style 2-in-1 Shave and Stubble trimmer review.

This unique grooming tool lets you shave or groom. It’s the perfect introductory shaver for young men aged 16 to 25, delivering whichever style you prefer – a close, comfortable shave, or a neatly groomed beard at a length that suits just about everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at the most important features.

  • One shaver for a smooth or stubble look
  • Comes with two easy click on / off attachments for shaving preference
  • Can be used for a close shave of face or body groomer
  • Use in the shower – wet with your prefered gel or foam, or quick dry shave on the go
  • Takes just one hour to fully charge from flat and provides of to 40 minutes cordless battery life

Philips Click and Style 2-in-1 Review

Clean, Close, Easy Shaves

The Click and Style shaver attachment uses two rotary heads designed to follow the unique contours of your face. Every face is different, and the ComfortCut heads use rounded edges which glide effortlessly over the unique angles of your neck, cheeks and jaw for a smooth, close shave that’s free of nicks, cuts and irritation. You can shave dry for the fastest result, or wet, with shaving gel or cream for the ultimate in comfort.

For the best results, follow these three simple tips:

1. Shave in a circular motion.
2. Apply a moderate amount of pressure – not too little, not too much.
3. Shave frequently, or trim longer facial hair prior to shaving.

Stylish Facial Hair, Exactly how you like it

The styler attachment with five length settings lets you trim facial hair precisely. Any look you want – from short stubble to a perfectly trimmed beard or moustache – is possible. Follow these three tips for great results:

1. Use the styler attachment.
2. Trim against, not with, the direction your facial hair grows.
3. For short stubble or to define edges, trim without the comb.

Click on, Click off, to Change your Look

The Philips Click and Style uses a clever Smart Click System which lets you quickly and easily change attachments, even when shaving or trimming in the shower. All you have to do is click the attachment you want to use onto the handle, and click it off when you’re done, or want to change your look.

Easy to clean, quick to Charge and Simple to Maintain

For maximum convenience, Philips has designed the head of the Click and Style to be showerproof – meaning you can keep it hygienic by simply detaching and washing it in the shower or under the tap when you’re done shaving or trimming.

The battery will run for up to 40 minutes after a one-hour charge – plenty of time to shave or tidy up your beard – and if you’re in a hurry or forgot to charge the device, simply plug in the included adapter, and in just five minutes, you’ll have several minutes of running time. The battery indicator tells you at a glance if the battery is low, charging or full.

Because all the attachments are fully washable and easily cleaned under running water, and require no mechanical maintenance or lubrication, the Click and Style is incredibly easy to care for – charge it, use it, clean it – and you’re done. Keep it protected at home or when traveling, with the included storage pouch.

Philips Click and Style 2-in-1 Shave and Stubble Conclusion

This grooming tool is a perfect introduction to electric shavers and trimmers for young men – but really, for men of any age – due to its simplicity and effectiveness. If I had anything critical to say, it was that it took roughly two weeks before my skin adjusted – but after the two week mark, any minor irritation I felt was gone, and each use of the Click and Style – whether I shaved my face clean or maintained a beard – was a comfortable experience.

Philips notes that this adjustment period is perfectly normal. I still like to use shaving cream or gel for the closest, smoothest shave possible, but when I’m pressed for time, using the Click and Style dry gives a great result.

Last updated: 26/11/2018