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Philips OneBlade Pro Review: QP6650/30

Philips Oneblade Pro Review QP6650-30

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Nope, it’s the Philips OneBlade Pro QP6650/30 Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver – a grooming tool so unique, it’s sure to capture your attention – but is the OneBlade Pro all good looks and no substance, or does it live up to its remarkable appearance? The answer… is in this review.

The Philips OneBlade Pro Up Close

philips oneblade pro shaving set
  • Unique design allows OneBlade to edge up, trim down, or remove hair of any length.
  • Fast-charging lithium ion battery runs for ninety minutes.
  • Digital display indicates battery status.
  • 2-pin shaver socket charging plug included.
  • Economical – OneBlade lasts up to four months.
  • Wet or dry operation – use in the shower, with or without shaving foam.

Philips OneBlade Pro QP6650/30 Shaver Overview

Versatile Enough to Achieve Almost any Look

shaving with the OneBlade QP6650

The Philips OneBlade Pro isn’t an electric shaver. Nor is it a trimmer, or a detailing tool. It’s all three! Designed to shave, trim and edge facial hair, the OneBlade Pro is perfect for men who alternate between bearded and clean-shaven.

The Leading Edge

A short beard looks best with well-defined edges. There’s no need to break out a separate razor – simply shave in either direction with the OneBlade Pro.

It sounds so simple, and in operation, it is, but I found the ability to shave both up and down quite a revelation – regular razors only shave with downward strokes, making it easy to miss hairs or mess up what could have been a perfect edge.

Trim to the Perfect Length

Philips QP6650_30 length trimmer

If you’ve let your beard grow out, it’s probably a bit on the unruly side. Tame those wild facial hairs with the OneBlade Pro – it includes a highly adjustable precision comb.

Though the length settings are “locked-in”, I found the fourteen lengths – from 0.4 to 10 mm – more than sufficient. In real-world terms, that’s short enough for less than a day’s worth of stubble, to a neat beard of short to moderate length.

Pain-Free Shaving

Rather than cutting as closely as possible, the OneBlade Pro QP6650/30 was designed around comfort. Don’t misunderstand me – the results are perfectly sufficient – and the unique blade design allows me to shave against the grain, something I normally avoid for fear of skin irritation.

In fact, the inherently gentle shaving action removed facial hair no matter in what direction I moved the shaver – across, against, or with the grain, without tugging or redness.

Follows Your Face for Improved Comfort

The OneBlade Pro’s dual-directional blade swivels, allowing it to follow the unique contours of your face and neck. Compared to a fixed-head razor, a swiveling head decreases drag and the number of required strokes, resulting in significantly improved comfort.

High-Tech, High-Capacity Battery Provides Long Run Time

The built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery has one of the best runtimes I’ve ever seen in an electric grooming tool – ninety minutes, after a mere one hour of charging.

That’s highly impressive! I appreciate the included charging stand, too – every time I finish using the OneBlade, I set it in the stand, knowing it will keep the battery at peak capacity.

Water Resistant and Easy to Clean

Oneblade water resistant

Because the OneBlade Pro is water-resistant, it can be used in the shower, even with foam (my preference on days that allow me the time for that extra bit of luxury), and easily rinsed off under the tap. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from using the OneBlade dry – in either case, it performs well!

Unique, Economical Blades Save You Money

QP6650_30 pro blades

At the core of the OneBlade Pro’s multi-functional capabilities is the unique blade – it lets you to shave in any direction, and sits flat against the skin, allowing the shaver’s high-speed oscillations to slice through facial hair.

I’ll be the first to admit that the cost of a replacement blade – in the range of £15 – isn’t exactly low. But hang on – one such blade, if used twice weekly (quite a realistic frequency to maintain a short beard) lasts up to four months.

That works out to just a hair (pun intended) under £3.00 per month. Far cheaper than a four-pack of disposable multi-bladed cartridges!

Bottom Line on the OneBlade Pro

Versatility is good in my books, and as such, the Philips OneBlade Pro QP6650/30 gets an enthusiastic recommendation.

Though it may not be a perfect replacement for certain highly-specialized grooming tools, it does what it’s intended to very well, and as with other Philips personal care products, is thoughtfully designed and built to last.

For the sometimes-bearded man, the QP6650/30 is a solid investment. The best online price and availability is on Amazon.

Philips Oneblade pro vs Oneblade

There are currently four models of the Philips OneBlade, offering slight feature differences – from the basic Oneblade QP2520/30 to the top-of-the-line Oneblade pro.

Some of the main differences between the basic OneBlade and the oneblade pro are as follows:

  1. The pro has hair length cutting settings of 0.4 – 10mm vs 1 – 5mm for the basic model.
  2. The pro uses a better battery, providing 90 minutes of shaving and a 1 hour quick charging time, vs 45 minutes of shaving and 8 hours of charging time for the basic model.
  3. The pro QP6650/30 has a full detailed display on the handle where the QP2520/30 doesn’t.
  4. Finally, the pro version has more accessories – a 14 length precision trimming guard, travel pouch and charging stand – the basic oneblade has none of these.
  5. The Pro has a more robust premium finish, where as lower range models have a cheaper plastic feel.

Rounding up the differences between these two great shaving tools, you can see the pro is a better buy!