Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920

The Philips Powertouch PT920 rechargeable electric razor provides outstanding performance at a value price. It provides a fast, convenient way to shave every day to free up more time in your morning routine. The rechargeable battery makes it highly portable allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.

DISCONTINUED No longer available – See the newer version.

PowerTouch Pro PT920

Advanced Lift and Cut Technology

The Powertouch PT920 utilizes Philip’s patented lift and cut shaving technology. The shaving head actually has two separate blades to help provide the closest, smoothest shave possible. The first blade lifts the hair from the face while the second blade does the actual cutting. This ensures that all hairs are cut as close to the root as possible. It guarantees a soft, smooth shave quickly and easily. Lift and cut technology means that even your shortest stubble will be cut close with incredible accuracy.

Smart Pivot Shaving Head

The SmartPivot shaving head provides a full range of motion to shave every contour and hard to reach place on your face and neck. The entire head of the shaver is able to tilt while each individual shaving head is also able to pivot independently. This allows you to shave even the most troublesome hairs with ease providing an amazing shave every time.

Rechargeable Power

The Philips PT920 rechargeable battery lasts longer on a single charge than most electric razors on the market. You can charge the battery for just a single hour to get over 60 minutes of continuous use out of your razor. This means you will only have to plug your razor in every 3 to 4 weeks depending on your shaving use. You could even use the quick charge feature to charge your razor enough for a single use in just 3 minutes. Absolutely nothing is more convenient for shaving than a rechargeable cordless electric razor.

Extremely Easy to Clean

Although this electric razor doesn’t feature wet dry shaving, it’s still very easy to clean. The shave head pops open allowing you to run it under water for a quick and easy cleanup after every shave. It even includes a small brush that you can use to clean the shave head thoroughly to keep it running strong for longer. The corrosion-free shaving head means that with a quick clean your razor will look like new even after you’ve owned it for years.

For the price it’s hard to beat the Philips Powertouch PT920 rechargeable razor. It provides a great shave along with an amazing battery life. It makes an excellent choice for anyone interested in value and durability. Try it for yourself and see what an amazing, close shave it can provide.

DISCONTINUED Philips no longer produces this shaver – See the newer version.