Philips PT720 PowerTouch Shaver

Philips PT720 mens shaver front

The Philips PT720 PowerTouch Electric Razor is the latest model from a long line of electric shavers produced by Philips. If you’ve ever had a Philips electric razor before you know that they are built rock solid for reliability and durability. This modern take sports a brand new look and feel along with the quality construction that has made Philips a household name.

Patented Lift and Cut Technology

The biggest complain men have when using an electric razor is that it doesn’t shave as close as a standard razor. Do you really want to shave only to feel your 5 o’clock shadow coming in at noon? Having the closest possible shave will keep you looking your best all day long.

This Philips PT720 offers patented lift and cut technology which provides the closest possible shave from an electric. The secret is an extra set of blades that first lift the hair from your skin before another set of blades cuts the hair below skin level. This means you may actually get a closer shave than you would with a manual razor.

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Dynamic Flex Head Design Philips PT720 side view

The dynamic contour flex heads on the PT720 follow every curve of your face to ensure you don’t miss a spot. The flexible shaving heads automatically bend to meet each and every subtle curve of your face and neck to provide an unsurpassed shaving experience. This can save you time as you won’t need to go over the same spots again and again to make sure they’ve been shaved properly. Manual razors don’t flex at all which means you have to shave from multiple angles to catch every last hair.

Easy Cleaning with the QuickRinse System

If you’ve ever owned an electric razor you know how much of a pain it can be to clean them after every use. With the Philips PT720 PowerTouch electric razor cleanup couldn’t be easier. The shave heads are waterproof which makes cleanup a breeze. Simply pop the top open and run the shave heads under running water to clean out all of the hairs and debris stuck inside.

Portable Cordless Shaving

Have you ever been on the way to work and realized you didn’t shave yet? Or been late and wanted to be able to shave on the go? Maybe you travel a lot and just need a quality portable razor to take with you on business trips. This model offers a built-in led handle (2)rechargeable battery which can provide up to 40 minutes of shaving when fully charged.

Being able to shave on the go is extremely convenient. You can even shave in your office once you’ve arrived at work. 40 minutes is enough time for 8-10 shaves, depending on your own personal style. Recharging is easy and a full charge only takes about 8 hours. If you plug it in before you go to bed it’ll be ready to go in the morning.

Multifunction Display

With the Philips PT720 you won’t be left in the dark like other electric razors. The multifunction displays will let you know when your battery is low, fully charged and charging. Figuring out whether your electric shaver is ready to go or could use a charge is quick and easy.

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