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Philips Satinshave Prestige BRL175/00 Lady Shaver Review

Philips Satinshave BRL175-00 lady shaver

When we heard users report – “the closest and smoothest shave I’ve ever experienced from any shaver” – we had to review the Philips SatinShave Prestige BRL175/00 for ourselves.

…And our resulting research and analysis had us crown this the best ladies’ electric shaver 2023.

The Philips Satin Shave BRL175/00 at a Glance

Philips Satinshave BRL175/00 set
  • Most advanced cutting system on pivoting head
  • Designed for maximum shaving comfort
  • Close shave with “Skin Care” features
  • Host of accessories
  • Wet & Dry shave capable
  • Use all over body
  • Suitable for sensitive areas
  • Elegant design and easy to use
  • Voted best lady shaver pick 2023

How Does It Cut?

philips BRL175 shaver head

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This woman’s shaver has double foil cutting elements, mounted on a “MultiFlex” head that moves with your body contours, for fewer missed hairs and easy use in tricky places, like underarms, and behind the knee.

What really surprised me was the material surrounding the foil cutters, it’s not a hard plastic like you’d find on most electric shavers, but instead, it’s coated in a super soft, rubber-type material that feels so soft and smooth to the touch.

Philips call this “Soft-touch comfort cushions”, a special skincare feature, that allows the shaver to effortlessly glide gently over your skin as your hairs are cut.

As the shaver passes over the skin, the first stage trimmer trims-down longer hairs, before the short, pre-cut hairs enter the foils for final cutting.

We noticed that Philips has designed the trimmer teeth – which on other shavers, we’ve found to be quite rough and abrasive – with “Rounded pearl-tips” to protect you from any jaggy metal edges scratching your skin.

The foil-cutting blades are specially designed with Philips’s most advanced technology to date, with blades over 30% sharper.

A recent test was carried out on 85 women, who compared daily use of the Philips Satin Shaver to disposable blade shaving, and the very respectable Braun Ladyshave – model LS5560.

Almost 80% of the participants in the study said they experienced a closer shave, and overall better results with the Philips Satin Shaver – though we don’t know what proportion used a disposable razor, or the brand, nor do we know how strict the study was carried out.

Nevertheless, these results do concur with many user feedback reviews, where people are experiencing a close, smooth shave like nothing else, and without irritation.

Everything we’ve found about the design so far is about smooth contact with the skin for maximum comfort. It really does seem to be living up to the “Prestige” in the name.

Handle Design

Philips Satinshave Lady Shaver handle review

The handle has a basic on/off power button on the front, no speed controls.

Just below the power button is a white LED that alerts you to three things; charging, battery low, and battery full.

The shaver runs on a built-in durable Li-ion battery that when fully charged, provides 60 minutes of runtime.

The battery is charged with the supplied charger and is fully charged and ready to go after 1 hour of charging.

This is a surprisingly quick charge time compared to other models from the same range, such as the Philips BRL130 and BRL140, which both take 8 hours to fully charge.

Plus, the Philips BRL175/00 has an added “5-minute quick charge” feature that’s very useful when you need to shave right now, but don’t have time to wait until it’s fully charged. Just set up the 5 minutes fast charge and you’ll have enough power to get through a full shave.

You’ve heard it all before – “a great ergonomic design” – but Philips has really nailed it with their “S-shaped handle” that’s designed for comfortable control, wherever you’re shaving.

It’s all about comfort and ease of use when it comes to personal shaving. You can see and feel that the Philips designers and engineers have reflected this need in the materials, shapes, dimensions, and functions of this premium shaver.

Does it Come With Extras?

Altogether there are 5 attachments that connect to the shaver handle, the foil shaver itself, an interchangeable trimmer, a trimmer guide comb, a travel cap, and a skin stretcher.

Oh, and you get a nice little cleaning brush and travel pouch, too.

Skin Stretcher Cap:

Did you know that if you slightly pull your skin to make a flat, taut surface, you get a closer shave?

So, to do the makers at Philips, they’ve designed this very cool “Skin stretcher Cap” that creates a slight stretch to your skin as you run it across your skin, giving a closer shave.

The cap also helps to pull hairs into an upright position which makes cutting more efficient.

Trimmer Head:

Is a very handy attachment for shaping certain areas like the bikini line, and trimming down longer hair with the guard guide comb.

Travel Cap and Pouch:

Covers and shields the foil elements to prevent any dents or damage while travelling.


We’ve not seen any other shaver match this in terms of design features that maximise comfort while shaving.

Super smooth, close shave from a trusted brand.

Genuinely useful accessories that improve shaving results.

Good for sensitive skin, with no cuts because the blades don’t make contact with skin.

Many positive reviews account for the claims Philips make for its “prestige” performance.

Works Wet or Dry – (great used in bath or shower with shaving cream)


A bit on the noisy side, compared to other similarly priced lady shavers that we’ve reviewed.

The motor and cutters emanate a load buzzing, which doesn’t in any way impede performance, it’s just not ideal if you want a very quiet shave.

Apart from that, we can’t fault this Top Philips lady shaver and it comes with our full recommendation.