Remington F8150

The Remington F8150 electric shaver provides a stylish, modern look along with a rechargeable battery and titanium coated blades for a versatile, convenient shave. The flex and pivot shaving head along with the dual track rotary blades will provide a clean, close shave which can easily rival any manual razor. This electric razor looks great and is incredibly easy to use. Read more to discover the other features this shaver has to offer.

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Ultra-Hard Titanium Coated Blades

The blades on the Remington F8150 are coated in titanium to offer superior sharpness and durability. The blades are actually 3 times harder than the blades found in a standard Remington electric razor. This means the blades in your Remington F8150 will stay sharper and last longer than any other electric shaver. You can expect your razor to provide a clean, close shave for years to come without constantly replace the shave head.

Flex and Pivot Technology

Remington flex and pivot technology provides a clean, close shave with less effort. The entire shaving mechanism will pivot while each individual shave head flexes to help hug every curve and contour of your face and neck. This allows you to make short work of all of those trouble areas such as your neck, chin and jaw line. This means you’ll get better contact on your skin without the need to apply additional pressure. This leads to less friction which is responsible for irritating the skin.

High-Tech Digital Display

The digital display lets you know exactly how much time you have left on your current charge. It also lets you know when your razor is charging. You’ll never have to guess how much battery life is remaining before you begin to shave or take it with you on the road.

Powerful Rechargeable Battery

Once the rechargeable battery in this electric shaver is fully charged it will last through about 60 minutes of shaving. Depending on your shaving habits this could be up to 2 weeks between charges. If your razor runs low you can also use the convenient 5 minute quick charge. In just a few minutes you’ll have enough power to last through a single shave.

Convenient Pop Out Trimmer

With the Remington R8150 you can easily shave and trim with one convenient device. Simply pop-up the trimmer hidden on the back of your razor to make short work of trimming your sideburns and other facial hair. Then just flip it back down when you’re done for easy storage until your next use.

My Conclusion of the Remington R8150

If you’re interested in a quality, durable electric shaver at an affordable price then look no further than the Remington F8150. It provides the conveniences and versatility that can only be found in a cordless rechargeable razor at a price anyone can afford. It looks great, it’s easy to use and it provides a great shave. You really couldn’t ask for much more from an electric shaver. Try it for yourself to discover what an amazing electric shaver this is!