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Braun Silk-Epil Electric Lady Shaver Review: 5-560

The Braun Silk-Epil Electric Lady Shaver is no ordinary shaver – it features a smooth, rounded head designed to comfortably glide over the curves of a woman’s body.

It uses a floating foil and a system designed to cut even long hairs – which, together, provide a close shave, even in tricky areas where skin sensitivity is a concern, like the underarms and bikini line.

It does more than just shave – it also trims and exfoliates, thanks to its numerous attachments.

Let’s take a closer look at its most important features.

braun lady shaver

What’s on Offer Here?

  • Fully Cordless Lady Electric Shaver Just for women
  • Shaves plus exfoliates at the same time
  • Leaves Skin Smooth and radiant-looking
  • Accurate Built in bikini trimmer for shaping
  • Rounded head Design complements contours and grooves
  • Fully washable provides a quick and easy clean

Braun Silk-Epil Lady Shaver – A Closer Look

Smooth, Close, Comfortable – and Designed for a Woman’s Body

Braun’s floating foil technology puts a layer of protection between your skin and the shaver’s blades, but the special foil isn’t just a rigid barrier – it floats, which allows it to hug the contours of your body, maintaining contact the entire time you shave, for close results.

Your skin will be more than just hair-free – thanks to the included exfoliation attachment head, your skin will be smooth, soft, and glowing after each shave.

Perfect for Every Body and Every Part of Your Body

The Braun Silk-Epil Electric Lady Shaver features a rounded head, allowing it to easily shave under your arms.

Because the foil floats and the long hair trimmer features a slightly rounded shape, the Silk-Epil shaves closely even in concave parts of your body.

Smooth legs are easily achieved – just use the included OptiShave attachment. It’s specially designed to provide the correct angle for leg shaving, gently stretching skin, and lifting hairs for the ultimate smooth feeling.

And the sensitive bikini line is no longer difficult to maintain – simply use the extended long hair trimmer. It makes it easy to see what you’re doing and can be fixed to the desired length – as short as 4 mm – allowing you to gently, easily, and precisely trim and shape your bikini zone.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Though an electric shaver – especially when used “dry” – is far less messy than its wet-shaving, traditional counterpart, there’s still something to clean up afterwards – hair (and of course, gel or cream if used “wet”).

Fortunately, the Silk-Epil Lady Shaver is fully washable, making it easy to rinse the built-up stubble off and away. To clean the shaver more quickly, you can use the included cleaning brush.

Unlike older-style electric shavers, the Silk-Epil is cordless. Simply charge it for one hour using the included charging cable, and enjoy 40 minutes of uninterrupted shaving.

A charging indicator shows you the progress. Rechargeable batteries reduce waste and allow you to use your shaver anywhere, rather than being constrained to a wall with an electrical outlet.

If you travel, you’ll enjoy being able to take your electric shaver with you.

Braun included a soft travel case for just this purpose – and because of the variance in household voltage from one country to the next, the Silk-Epil electric shaver is designed with worldwide voltage adjustment, so you can feel secure plugging it in to charge, anywhere you find yourself.

Those who have tried this electric shaver find themselves very happy with it, reporting that the charge lasts long enough to be useful, that it cuts closely as advertised and that the easy-to-change attachments make it versatile enough to use on the whole body.

I think this is an excellent product at a cost-effective price and it should provide years of comfortable shaving.