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Philips Series 9000 Skin IQ Shaver Review

Philips Series 9000 Skin IQ electric shaver

Philips knows that in today’s fast-paced world, efficiency matters. That’s why their series 9000 S9987/55 electric rotary shaver can cut up to 20% more hair in one stroke compared to the older Philips SensoTouch model.

This time-saving cutting action is made possible by a remarkable contour detection system that flexes in eight directions. But that’s just one of the many advanced features packed into this premium grooming device.

Philips Series 9000 S9987/55 key Features

philips series 9000 electric shaver set
  • Gives a close shave – up to 30% closer than previous Philips shaver ranges.
  • 8 directions of flex provide maximum coverage.
  • Over 70 self sharpening rotary blades
  • 3-Stage LED pressure sensor indicator for optimal closeness
  • Sync to smartphone app
  • V-Track system to move hairs in line with blades for the closest possible result.
  • Quick Clean Pod system keeps the shaver charged, cleaned, and lubricated.
  • Doesn’t just shave – also trims moustaches and sideburns.
  • Travel pouch, adapter and travel lock for shaving on the go.

Philips 9000 Wet and Dry Skin iQ S9987/55 Overview

Engineered for Speed and Efficiency

Between cutting up to 20% more hair in one stroke and 30% closer than previous ranges of Philips shavers, the Series 9000 Wet and Dry Skin iQ could be said to be 50% better than anything you’ve ever used! Whether or not you think those numbers add up, it is an impressive piece of technology – I can attest to the speed at which I was able to shave, and my skin felt remarkably smooth. This is a premium electric shaver, and it shows in its performance.

Stubborn Facial Hairs Don’t Stand a Chance

philips series 9000 Skin iQ

Beards don’t grow in a predictable, straight line. The face is contoured –cheeks, the lip and nose area, the chin, jawline, and neck all protrude and recede, and facial hair follows suit. Not only that, but it changes direction – sometimes it grows pointing down, before becoming angled, then convoluting itself into complex whorls which require a whole new angle of attack.

The Series 9000 Wet and Dry Skin iq S9987/55 shaver uses Contour Detect Technology that allows its eight, fully flexible heads to move independently, increasing coverage and saving you time. Meanwhile, the Philips patented V-Track precision blades guide each facial hair into an optimal position for cutting.

When a beard grows, not every hair is the same length – but between the V-Track blades and the Wet and Dry Skin iQ’s Super Lift and Cut Action, which lifts hairs up into the path of the blades, even beards with inconsistent growth patterns are shorn clean with minimal effort.

Maximum Versatility, Ultimate Comfort

The first electric shavers to come to market could only be used one way – dry. To attempt a “wet shave” would have risked damage to the shaver, or worse, electrocution. Thankfully, there’s been a significant improvement in technology, and the Philips Series 9000 S9987/55 can be used dry, for a quick, close shave, or in the shower, with or without shaving foam or gel, for increased skin comfort.

If you prefer to maintain a moustache or a pair of sideburns, you can, and without needing to purchase a separate grooming tool. This Philips shaver includes a Side popout precision trimmer attachment to keep you looking your best.

Ready When You Are with All-in-One Charging and Cleaning

You’re probably busy enough that you need your shaver ready to go whenever you are. The included charging station makes it easy – just dock the Wet and Dry Series 9000 S9987/55 in the charger after each use.

It takes only one hour for the high-capacity lithium-ion battery to reach capacity, providing you with 50 full minutes of runtime. An integrated display shows you how much capacity remains in the battery, cleaning status, when to replace the head, and indicates if the travel lock is activated.

If you happen to have let the battery run down, a three-minute quick-charge will still give you enough power for one shave. In case you don’t have the charging station handy, you can also use the included power adapter.

Because an electric shaver has moving parts – not the least of which are the blades, which can collect stubble, dead skin cells, and other detritus – it needs to be kept clean and lubricated for optimal performance.

Less advanced models require you to manually brush the blades and add lubricant, but this Philips shaver does it all for you. The charging station doesn’t just replenish the battery – it features an integrated Quick Clean Pod system that keeps the blades clean and running smoothly.

Philips Series 9000 Review Conclusion…

The Philips Shaver Series 9000 S9987/55 is an outstanding shaver. It’s full of technology and free of useless gimmicks, providing a noticeable improvement over many other shavers on the market, and surpasses the performance of previous Philips grooming tools. If you struggle with a stubborn beard and want elite, premium performance – this is the electric shaver for you!