SmoothSkin Gold 200 IPL Review

The SmoothSkin Gold 200 IPL Hair Removal system provides exceptionally safe, effective, head-to-toe permanent hair removal.

SmoothSkin Gold 200 IPL Hair Removal Key Features

  • Whole-body hair removal in just 20 minutes, from the fastest, most powerful IPL hair removal device available
  • Suitable for a wide range of skin tones
  • Includes ‘Gentle’ mode for sensitive areas
  • ‘Detect and Set’, powered by intelligent impulse technology, automatically chooses the correct skin tone setting
  • Clinically proven hair removal for 94% of users
  • Provides up to 200,000 flashes of intense pulsed light
  • Ideal for use on both body and face
  • Backed by comprehensive, independent clinical trials, ‘Gold Award’, and rave reviews. 

SmoothSkin Gold 200 IPL System Overview

Gold 200 High-Tech Intense Pulsed Light Stops Stubborn Hair Growth

SmoothSkin’s Gold 200 IPL Hair Removal System is light-years ahead of the competition.

The SmoothSkin Gold 200 emits bursts of IPL (intense pulsed light), which is transferred through the epidermis, and absorbed by the melanin (a naturally occurring pigment) found in hair shafts. Melanin is highly light-absorbent.

Through this process, light energy is converted to heat, damaging hair follicles, and hindering further regrowth. Most users report that treated hairs fall out over the course of a few days to half a month.

IPL Hair Removal Tailored to Your Unique Skin Tone

Many products take a one-size-fits-all approach to hair removal. Not the SmoothSkin Gold 200 – packed inside the sleek device is a slew of advanced technology, including a Detect and Set feature, which automatically selects the best setting for your skin tone.

And there’s no second-guessing involved: the illuminated power bars on either side of the handle clearly display the current setting.

SmoothSkin’s efforts are to be applauded – skin tone and type varies by age and ethnicity. A versatile tool that provides for the needs of a wide range of users is always welcome!

Comfort in Hand

“Hair removal” brings to mind one word: “Ouch!” And little wonder – sticky waxes and caustic depilatory creams, and even some epilators can leave skin red, irritated and sore.

Fortunately, SmoothSkin had your comfort in mind when they designed the Gold 200 IPL system. In use, the ergonomically shaped, rubberized handle provides excellent grip and control. Though most find using the Gold 200 painless, those with especially sensitive skin will appreciate Gentle Mode – a quick push of a button reduces power output, which can be restored to normal levels whenever necessary.

SmoothSkin Gold front review

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Dual Treatment Modes for Whole-Body Hair Removal

The SmoothSkin Gold 200 IPL system’s dual treatment modes allow you to treat areas both large and small.

For arms and legs, Glide mode is perfect – simply hold down the activation button and move the Gold 200 over your skin between pulses.

Other, more delicate areas such as underarms or the bikini line are best treated with Stamp mode – place the device on your skin and press the activation button to deliver targeted light energy as needed.

Smoothskin Gold 200 Long-Lasting Performance, Virtually Permanent Results

Despite its high price tag, the Gold 200 IPL is an excellent value. 200,000 flashes of intense pulsed light provide up to 10 years of use, making it significantly more economical than laser hair removal – and the SmoothSkin system is portable – you can use it at home or on the go.

Results are long-lasting – as close to permanent as is possible.

Following SmoothSkin’s regime takes only 20 minutes per month, and keeps hair from growing back. Impressive, considering that even repeatedly plucked hair will regrow!

SmoothSkin – UK-Made, Clinically Tested, and Proven to Work

The SmoothSkin Gold 200 IPL is based on 30 years of expert research and development from Swansea University, South Wales, and backed by independently approved clinical trials. SmoothSkin’s products are thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy.

And unlike many personal care devices, the Gold 200 IPL Hair Removal System is proudly manufactured in the UK.

Smoothskin IPl Machine Review Summary

SmoothSkin has delivered a winning combination of stylish looks, excellent ergonomics and outstanding performance in the Gold 200 IPL.

Other users agree, giving it an average 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, with most reviewers praising the device.

We were impressed by its performance, minimal discomfort and long-lasting results.

The initial cost is a bit high, but over the long run, it more than pays for itself. If you’re tired of waxing, shaving or plucking, try the SmoothSkin Gold 200 IPL for supreme hair removal at home –  your skin will breathe a sigh of relief.