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Best Buy Overall: Braun Series 3 ProSkin Electric Shaver

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New to Electric Shavers? – Read Our Quick Guide on Choosing an Electric Shaver

Choosing just the right electric shaver for you or as a gift for someone can be difficult. With the huge range of makes, models and price points to choose from it can quickly become an overwhelming task. Before we take a closer look at the best shaver brands, types, and costs available you need to first consider who will be using the electric shaver.

If you or the person you are buying for already uses an electric razor, what brand of shaver does the person own? Humans are creatures of habit. Typically if someone has a good experience with a specific brand their future choice of products will be with that favoured brand. For example, some people swear by the electronics brand Philips and have their home decked out exclusively with appliances made by this brand.

Different Shaver Types and Brands

By far the UK’s market leading shaver manufacturers are Braun and Philips. Both of these brands are highly reputable and well know for producing many exceptionally high quality products. Braun’s best selling flagship men’s shavers are the Series 7 and with Philips it’s their Sensotouch line. Panasonic and Remington are also very popular manufacturers with their line of shavers receiving lot’s of positive reviews from customers.

Going back to looking at whether the person receiving the new shaver currently uses electric. Another important consideration to make is the type. Does the person currently use a Foil or rotary shaver? This is quite important as most likely the person with prefer to stick with this kind. If it’s for a first time user then it doesn’t really matter what kind you buy as long as you choose a shaver with high ratings and good customer feedback reviews.

Rotary: When it comes to rotary electric shavers, Philips is king! They were the first brand to produce this type of shaver and their range is predominantly made up of this kind. Rotary usually features 3 circular shaving elements on the shaver head. Each element is made of a foil guard with specially designed slots and holes cut out for capturing hairs. Beneath the foil guard is a spinning blade for cutting the hairs.

Rotary shavers are best used in a circular motion across the face. For best results shave in a circular pattern against the grain of hair growth combined with a back and forth action across the skin to finish off.

Foil: Braun dominated the foil electric shaver market with most of their range being this type. They have some of the most advanced foil shavers available. Their closest foil shaver competitor is Panasonic but Braun always seems to come out on top with design and function.

Foil power shavers have a flat foil head made up of anything between one and five rows. Many people prefer this type of shaver as it retains the traditional up and down shaving motion that the users is most familiar with from years of manual shaving.

Tip! Where possible, when shaving with an electric shaver, use your free hand to stretch the skin a little making it tight. This gives the shaver heads a more flat, firm surface to glide over. The result is a more even and closer shave.

Cost and Budget Range

Some electric shavers can be purchased for as little as £15 but some can reach as high as £300. Everyone has their own max budget. The model of shaver you choose to buy will have a lot to do with how much you have to spend. A good quality electric shaver can be purchased for as little as £60 – £100, which is well within most people’s price range. Such quality models I recommend around this price would be the Philips Aquatouch S5600/41. If you have a lot more to spend then a more suitable model would be the Braun Series 7 790. Currently, the Aquatouch S5600/41 Series 5000 is our top rated electric shaver because it has many great reviews, is of very high quality with great function and is priced well within the most common budget.

Pros of Switching to an Electric Shaver

  • Smooth irritation free shaves with hypoallergenic heads
  • Fully waterproof models can be used in shower – Less mess
  • Dry shave requires no shaving gels or foams required
  • Can be used for refreshing wet shave with gel, oil or foam.
  • Some shaver models more suitable for sensitive skin sufferers
  • Can be taken and used anywhere – not confined to bathroom sink
  • Saves you money over buying replacement manual razors blades
Best Value
Braun Series 3 3080-s
A mid ranged, yet extremely effective wet & dry electric shaver, with the smaller price tag.
Best Features
Braun Series 9 9040s
Braun Series 9 is Our Overall Best Rated Electric Shaver Choice for 2016, and is still holding in 2017.

Last Updated: 30/01/2018