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Should Women Shave Their Face?

It sounds kind if risky, I mean, won’t I end up with a thick growth of dark stubble? Nope, that’s a big fat myth. I get it though, you’re likely a worried woman weighing up the pros and cons of shaving your facial hair, because you’ve heard all...

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Braun vs Philips Epilator Comparison

So, you’re looking to get your hands on a good epilator? But the problem is, two of the biggest grooming brands keep popping up and you’re at your wits’ end over which one to buy. I am of course talking about Braun and Philips epilators. More...

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Chest and Stomach Hair Trimming Guide for Men

So, you’re thinking about trimming off your fuzzy chest and stomach hair. Men have various motives for removing body hair. It might be for fresh cleanliness, to stay cool in the hot summer months, or to show off your muscularity and “strut your...

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