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About Us


Thanks for stopping by.

This is one of those – typically boring – pages that you visit when you want to know more about a website, and who’s behind it.

First, let me introduce myself.

I’m Barry, the founder of – I take care of all the technical stuff that goes into running a website. I also do most of the researching and writing on men’s shaving tools.

And I’m Sharon – Aside from being a dog lover, I blog about women’s hair removal products.

A Brief History on Electric Shavers UK

I launched this website in late 2011.

What started as my small corner of the internet, where I blogged about men’s electric shaving, has grown to become a website packed with posts covering a wide range of hair removal tools for both men and women.

Like most guys, I started shaving with one of those double bladed disposable razors, and a can of cheap shaving foam. Needless to say, results where poor – painful nicks and cuts, and missed stubbly patches were a regular morning theme.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with all kinds of shaving apparatus – from the latest multi-bladed wet razors with handles that resemble something from Star Trek – to even more Sci-Fi looking electric shavers.

I’ve always had a thing for technology, and I’ve always taken care of my appearance.

I was big into sculpting the perfect head of hair with those tubs a blue and green hair gels, back in the day.

That was when I had hair.

Like a lot of men, I developed male pattern baldness.

The only real solution when you reach the advanced stages of baldness is to shave your hair off completely, and embrace the bald look.

And that I did. In fact, I suited the shaven head look, which introduced me to even more electric shaving products, in the form of battery power cordless clippers.

One of my main passions was (and still is, to some degree) fitness and bodybuilding, and for me, a part of being in shape and looking good meant less body hair. To keep my body hair well groomed, I started using body groomers, yet another great hair removal tool.

By my mid 30’s I had amassed quite a bit of knowledge of electric hair removal products – electric razors, hair clippers, beard trimmers, and body groomers, are all part of my hair removal and grooming routine.

I suppose (not by intention) I became a bit of an “expert” in this area.

It was my regular use of these products, and my love for technology – like this internet thing – that birthed the idea of building a shaving website.

My partner, Sharon, now works on the site with me. She researches, reviews, and writes about all the hair removal products for women – epilators, lady shavers, and IPL devices – are her speciality.

There’s actually 3 of us that work on the site now – Sharon, our editor, Raphael, and myself – together, we make a great team.

We continue to be at the forefront of electronic grooming products for men and women, and we’re always working to serve our readers better.

Send us an email if you have any questions or feedback for us.

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By doing all the product researching and reviewing for you, we’ve taken the hassle out of buying online. By simply selecting a product from one of top “top rated” lists,  you have the peace of mind that the product you buy has been hand picked for its reliability, durability, and manufactured by a reputable brand. But most importantly, we only select products that have a majority of exceptional reviews from customers who currently own the product.