Best Epilator Winner of 2020

Hands up if you want a method of hair removal that’s effortless, long lasting, and leaves your skin as smooth as a waterslide.

Enter – the epilator – an electronic device that beats shaving and waxing for the most methodical hair removal known to woman.

Epilation is such an effective way to remove unwanted hair that once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back to your old hair removal routine. To get good results, you need a good epilator, so here’s our latest winning machine.

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But not all epilators are equal, so let’s explore their features to find out how to buy the best epilator, one that will provide years of reliable, efficient, hair removal.

What Makes a Good Epilator?

The Tweezers

First and foremost, let’s talk about the epilator tweezers, since this is the element that does the removing of hairs.

Epilators operate by using multiple, mechanical, motorized tweezers, that open and close rapidly as they capture, grip, and pluck hairs from the root.

Like waxing, but without the mess and with less pain. (…and better)

The tweezers are the most important consideration when it comes to buying an epilator.

You can have the nicest looking epilator in the world, but looks will get you nowhere if the actual mechanism that removes the hair isn’t up to the job.

Consider this… you pluck your eyebrow hair with one pair of tweezers. A common, straightforward practice for removing, and shaping eyebrow hair.

Now, imagine using that same single pair of tweezers to pluck all the hairs from your legs.

You’d be there a while, wouldn’t you?

And the duration of pain and discomfort would be unbearably long.

The epilator with the most tweezers is going to get the job done quickly, thoroughly, and more efficiently.

When it comes to the tweezers built into the spinning epilator head – “the more the merrier”.

Cheaper models have less tweezers, generally in the range of 15 – 20, and the higher end epilators have around 40.

Having lots of tweezers is fine and dandy, but if they don’t catch the hairs and grip them properly, then you have a problem.

We’ve seen inferior copies of premium epilators such as the Braun Epil 9 for sale online, and although these copied models had a matching tweezer count of 40, the mechanism design wasn’t nearly as good.

You see, the gripping ability of tweezers matters a lot, because poorly functioning tweezers can cause hairs to break, instead of being plucked from the root. Further, they may not fully grip the hair, allowing some to slip through without being removed.

If you look at Braun’s most recent epilators, you’ll see their new Micro Grip Technology, maximizes tweezer plucking performance.

It does this in a couple of ways, the longer tweezers are better at gripping hairs, and wider wings improves hair feeding, with optimal gripping pressure, for the most efficient epilation possible.

Width of Head

A wider head means you’re able to cover more surface area on each pass, compared to a narrower head that would require more passes over the skin to clear the same amount of hairs.

Some of the better epilators out there will have an extra wide head, Braun for example boasts a 40 percent wider head on the Epil 9, compared to competitors (such as Philips BRE 650) and other epilators such as the Silk-Epil 3, 5 and 7 from the Braun range.

Epilators with very narrow, restricted heads, work well, they – “do the job” – but wider heads remove far more hair and require less strokes.

Epilator Attachments

Here are some common attachments you might find bundled with your epilator, making it a full salon skin treatment kit, from exfoliation, shaving, trimming, massaging, to epilation.

  • Epilator head
  • Electric shaver head
  • Trimmer guard to control hair length
  • Electric trimmer head
  • Deep Skin Exfoliating brushes
  • Massage pad for improved blood flow and relaxation
  • Facial Cap, allowing you to epilate your facial hair
  • Protection caps
  • Pulsating massage attachment for reducing possible discomfort
  • Cleaning brush to keep your epilator in tip-top condition
  • Travel bag

What are you looking for from buying an epilator?

Just some quick hair removal that lasts as long as waxing, or do you want to remove dead skin cells with an electric exfoliator attachment?

How about a lady shaver for those delicate and hard to reach places?

Maybe you want a soothing skin massager accessory, too.

Check around as see what’s on offer – whether it’s just a simple, basic epilator, or a 4 in 1 epilation, massage, exfoliation and shaving system – suitable packages are available to cover your needs.

Does it Work Wet or Dry?

A fully waterproof epilator means you can epilate in the shower or bathtub. The warm water will help open your pores, soften hairs, and makes the whole epilation experience more comfortable.

An epilator that provides both wet and dry operation is advantages, because it gives you the best of both worlds.

You can even coat your legs with shaving get first – although you’re not actually shaving the hairs off – the gel acts as a lubricant, so that the epilator glides effortlessly over the skin. You’ll find that these hand held devices are way better than shaving, as they don’t leave any stubble behind, and hairs take weeks to grow back, instead of days.

Although some find it painful at first – which subsides with adaptation from regular use – epilating in the bath or shower creates a relaxing environment, reduces pain, and sooths skin. It’s also a great way to incorporate hair removal into your cleaning routine, for extra convenience.

Wet vs Dry Epilation: Beginners find it better to epilate wet, because that’s what they’re already used to with shaving, and it helps with pain, as your skin adapts the somewhat painful sensation of hairs being plucked.

Some users say that they miss hairs when wet and they’re more prone to breaking, and that dry epilation gives better results.

Of course, this will require some testing on your part, to see which method works best for you.

Any good epilator should be waterproof, it’s definitely a feature worth having.

Corded or Cordless

The best epilators are cordless, because this gives you much more freedom to use it wherever you feel comfortable, you’re not restricted by power sockets.

And of course, water and electricity is not a good mix, particularly when its near wet, bare skin.

You wouldn’t use your epilator in the shower when there’s a live power cable plugged into it.

When investing in an epilator, make sure it’s waterproof and cordless.

Speed Settings

Generally, epilators have one or two speed settings. Remember, you’re ripping hairs out from the hair follicle, some areas you might want to use a slower speed, and other, easy to epilate areas you’ll be able to blitz through on a higher speed.

The face and underarms might require more gentle epilation, while the legs and forearms can be tackled on a high-speed setting for great performance.

Having the ability to flick between different speeds, as you epilate different areas of the body, is a particularly handy feature to have.

Brand Reputation & Reliability

When you’re looking to buy the best epilator for the money, the manufacturers brand reputation, and how reliable their products are should influence your decision.

Braun, Remington, and Philips have a long line of successful products that have stood the test of time, and are an example of reputable, and reliable manufacturers of hair removal products in the UK.

Buying a cheap epilator, built by a generic, unknown brand, could cost you in performance, customer service, and long-term use of the product.

I would always pay that little bit extra for my product built by a solid brand I can trust.

Epilators with Good Feedback and Reviews

Even the best manufacturers have products that underperform from time to time, there’s no better way to find out if something is worth buying than listening to feedback from people who are using the product.

Only the best epilators will have a large majority of positive reviews, and ratings of over 4 stars.

Top 2 Best Epilators to Buy 2020

Braun Epil-9

If you’re looking for a premium epilator, that has all the bells and whistles you’ll ever need, then look no further than the Braun Epil-9 Skin Spa.

It has the wide head and outstanding Micro Grip tweezers with the ability to remove hairs as short as half a millimetre, a built-in guide light for enhanced visibility during epilation, it’s fully waterproof to a depth of 5 meters, cordless, with lengthy 40 minutes of constant operation.

It also comes with all the skin exfoliating and massage accessories, plus a shaver head.

It ticks all the boxes, and is our current leader, ranking above the much loved Braun Silk-Epil 5. The Silk-Epil 5 costs about half the price of the Epil-9, it’s a great entry level epilator, and suitable for those looking for an epilator that works well, without all the extras. It has a contour adapting pivoting head and shaver/trimmer attachment, but it’s not quite on par with the epil 9.

Whether you’re looking to remove hair from just your legs, bikini line, embarrassing face hair, or all over body hair removal, the Braun epil 9 is unbeatable.

Philips Satinelle Epilator

In at a close second is an excellent woman’s epilator by Philips – the Philips Satinelle BRE630/00 is our runner up, offering great hair removal and elegant styling from one of the world leading beauty brands – at an affordable price.

Last Updated: 21/06/2020