Braun Series 5 5197cc Shaver Review

Beards are tough – just try rubbing the back of your hand against three day-old stubble.

Feels a bit like wire, doesn’t it?

That’s because the average strand of facial hair is as tough as copper wire. If you have a coarse beard and haven’t been happy with the performance of regular electric shavers, or manual shaving, listed up – because the Braun Series 5 5070cc-5 (updated to the new Series 5 5197cc) was made for a man like you!

Braun Series 5 Men’s Electric Shaver Key Features

  • MicroMotion technology independently suspends each cutting component, allowing the shaver to respond to even minute changes in facial contours.
  • MacroMotion System works in tandem with MicroMotion, letting the shaver head pivot by as much as 40° over large contours to maximize skin contact.
  • UltraActiveLift uses a remarkable oscillating trimmer to lift and quickly cut flat-growing hairs in difficult areas such as the neck and chin.
  • CrossHair blade provides incredibly close shaves, even cutting through hair which grows in all directions and shearing down stubble.
  • PowerDrive provides 20% more power to the motor, giving it the necessary torque to remove even the densest facial hair.

Braun Series 5 5070cc-5 Shaver Overview

Series 5 Comfort and Power

Braun Series 5 electric shavers are designed to optimize skin comfort without sacrificing the power necessary to mow down a heavy beard. It’s very similar to Braun’s Series 7 range of shavers but more affordable while providing the same high performance.

Braun’s FlexMotionTec works in conjunction with the aforementioned PowerDrive technology to bring the shaver closer to difficult areas without needing to apply undue pressure. This means that even tough facial hair can be cut without irritating the skin.

Braun Series 5 Adapts to Your Face

The 5070cc-5 features a MultiHead lock – a unique system that locks the otherwise mobile head into position. You can select any one of five angles to let the shaver adapt to even the most challenging parts of the face, like under the nose or above the upper lip where the skin is extra-sensitive.

Not Just for Shaving

There have been times I’ve wanted to look “cleaned up”, but not necessarily clean-shaven. On those occasions I’ve been grateful for the Series 5’s precision trimmer – it allows sideburns, moustaches and beards to be easily and precisely shaped.

Legendary Braun Quality and Innovation

Braun has produced high quality grooming products to exacting standards for decades, and the 5070-cc-5 is no exception. It’s precision-crafted – most reassuringly, in Germany, rather than far overseas – and includes an innovative and exclusive Clean&Charge Station.

The automatic Clean&Charge Station performs three functions – it cleans, lubricates and charges. I was pleased to discover that operating it requires nothing more than pushing a button.

Though the shaver, with its IPX (Ingress Protection) rating of 7 can be rinsed off under running water, the alcohol-based automatic cleaning stage ensures a thorough, more hygienic result every time.

How hygienic?

The cleaning fluid kills 99.999% of germs and bacteria – according to Braun, that’s 10 times more effective than rinsing the shaver under running water.

The lubrication stage works in tandem, keeping the blades running smoothly so they cut better and last longer. And finally – a boon to anyone who’s ever forgotten to plug in their shaver overnight – the charging stage keeps the battery at full capacity.

The cleaning cartridge is replaceable – a consumer survey found that most people were consistently satisfied with the cleanliness and performance when replacing the cartridge every 2 to 3 months.

Advanced Level Displays from Series 5

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Included is a two-level display which indicates the status of the battery and provides a warning if the charge gets too low. It also features a travel lock mechanism to prevent accidental activation of the shaver, and a hygiene indicator.

Long-Lasting Battery for Reliable Performance

The 5070-cc-5 (updated to Braun series 5 5197cc – but the same features as the previous 5070cc) is powered by an integrated, rechargeable 3.6V lithium ion battery, and can operate plugged into the mains or cordlessly. Lithium ion batteries are far superior to the old nickel cadmium battery chemistry, lasting longer, weighing less, delivering power more consistently and not falling prey to the “memory effect” which can drain batteries of their energy capacity over time.

I found this shaver reached a full charge in about 60 minutes, which is on par with what Braun advertises. Fully charged, it runs for three quarters of an hour, and like other Braun products, a 5 minute quick-charge provides enough power for one full shave if you’re in a hurry.

I can’t speak highly enough of the Braun Series 5 5070-cc-5. For all its high-technology, it really comes down to it doing what it’s designed to – providing smooth, comfortable shaves and tidy facial hair with no fuss or bother.

Last updated: 17/03/2018