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Braun Series 3 3090cc-4

The new Braun Series 3 3090cc-4 rechargeable electric shaver is for the man who settles for nothing less than the best. It’s 100% waterproof, provides the closest possible shave and will even clean and lubricate itself in the charging station after every use.

To call Braun a well-established company would be an understatement – it’s been designing and manufacturing products for almost a century, and in that time, has never abandoned its commitment to quality and innovation.

Keep reading to see why this is one of our top recommended foil electric shavers!

3090cc-4 shaver handle

Why Choose The Braun 3090-cc?

  • MicroComb technology provides a close, comfortable shave, even faster than previous Series 3 shavers.
  • Easily cuts 3-day beards.
  • Three independent floating cutting elements follow the contours of your face.
  • Guides hair into cutting elements for a faster shave.
  • Easy to clean – 100 percent waterproof.
  • One-hour charge provides an entire week of shaving.
  • Features Precision mode to shave hard-to-reach areas.
  • Includes Clean and Charge Station – cleans, charges and lubricates shaver.
  • High customer rating and positive feedback reviews.

Braun Series 3 3090cc Electric Shaver Overview

Advanced Foil Technology for Superior Cutting Action

The Series 3 3090cc is a foil-type shaver. This type of shaver uses rapidly vibrating blades that are covered by a curved, rectangular strip of finely perforated foil. When the shaver is passed over your face, hair gets trapped in the perforations and is cut by the blades. Foil-type shavers are known for their ability to cut closely, quickly, comfortably – and with high precision.

3 cutting foils

The 3090cc features a unique Triple Action Cutting System. Rather than utilize the single foil found on most electric shavers, Braun incorporated two foils, as well as an independently floating middle trimmer. The trimmer mows down longer, more difficult to cut hair, while the twin “SensoFoil” foils capture and cut shorter hairs. Facial hairs grow at different speeds and densities, and the Triple Action Cutting System contends with this variability far better than a conventional single-foil or double system. This series 3 is proven to blitz through even 3 day beards with ease.

Waterproof Design for Comfort and Convenience

Some like it dry. Others like it wet. The Braun Series 3 3090cc lets you have it both ways. Because the advanced dual foil system cuts close with minimal irritation, dry shaving is quick, smooth and comfortable. If you prefer the feel of gel or foam, or enjoy shaving in the shower, you can – the 3090cc is IPX7 certified, which means it can withstand not only the emollients and lubricants found in your favourite shaving products, but full submersion in up to five metres of water. Take it in the shower, rinse it off in the sink, use it dry or wet – it’s such a versatile shaver – it can handle it all.

This is an ideal shaver for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin or is making the change from a manual razor to an electric.

new braun series 3 image

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Easily Cuts Even the Most Difficult to Reach Hairs

The addition of a second foil allows the Series 3 3090cc to remove even the shortest of hairs – but two foils make for a bulkier shaver than one. Fortunately, Braun incorporated a simple switch that, when pushed, activates “Precision mode” by causing one of the foils to temporarily retract. This significantly reduces the thickness of the shaver head, allowing you to precisely shave even tricky, tight areas, such as under your nose, around the neck, or your jawline.

Fast-Charging Battery Means It’s Ready When You Are

Gone are the days of being tied to a mains outlet. Like all high quality electric shavers, the Braun Series 3 3090cc features an integrated, high capacity Ni-MH rechargeable battery.

One hour of charging provides 45 minutes of runtime, enough for a full week’s worth of shaves. And if you’re shaver runs out of juice and you’re running short on time, a five minute quick-charge feature is all it takes to provide enough power for a single shave. A brief glance at the 2-level LED indicator will tell you whether the battery is running low.

Clean and Charge Station Keeps Shaver at Peak Performance

Braun’s patented and innovative Clean & Charge Station was an industry first, and is the only automated system which uses an alcohol-based cleaning solution.

After every shave you can simply slide your razor into the charger for an automatic cleaning process. Why alcohol? It kills 99.999% of bacteria and germs with each use.

series 3 with charging station

Though the IPX7 design of the Braun 3090cc means it’s easy to quickly rinse the shaver head under running water, tests show that using the Clean and Charge Station is ten times more hygienic.

That’s not just good for your peace of mind – consumer research has shown it’s also better for your skin. A hygienically clean electric shaver provides a closer, fresher result with less irritation, and because the Clean and Charge Station charges and lubricates at the same time, your shaver is always ready for use and kept in peak condition, prolonging the life of the cutting elements. The solution has a refreshing lemon scent.

Ergonomic Shape for Ease of Use

Have you ever had to use a tool that just didn’t sit right in your hand? Maybe it was too large, too heavy (or not heavy enough), or the wrong shape.

Braun’s many decades of design experience are evident in the 3090cc shaver – it’s neither too large nor too small, neither so light it’s hard to control nor so heavy it’s cumbersome, and it’s shaped to fit perfectly in the hand.

shaver in travel case

Slightly tapered at the base with a gently curved body and a large, dimpled, rubberized gripping area, it’s easy to hold onto and manoeuvre, even with wet hands (perfect for those prone to dropping things onto hard bathroom floors and countertops!).

Not Just for Shaving

For those times you might prefer not to be clean-shaven, the included long hair trimmer lets you shape and maintain a short, tidy moustache or beard, and keep your sideburns looking sharp.

Product Conclusion

The Braun Series 3 3090cc-4 wet dry rechargeable electric razor provides an unsurpassed shave at an incredible value. It consistently receives great reviews online and has features that you just won’t find in other shavers at the same price point. It’s a solid, top-rated performer – in fact, it’s our best-recommended foil shaver for this year – available at an excellent price. It’s quick, effective, easy on the skin and comfortable in the hand.

If you’re the type of person who never compromises when it comes to quality, durability and sophistication then the Braun 3090cc-4 is the perfect choice for you.

series 3 3090cc-4 in box