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Philips Series 8000 Epilator Review: BRE740/11

philips series 8000 epilator

The BRE740/11 is a beautiful premium epilator from Philips’ ‘Satinelle’ range, offering immediate and rapid hair removal for your legs, body, and face – including sensitive areas such as underarms, bikini zones, and the upper lip. It’s the perfect tool for thick and fine hair removal across the body.

The Philips Series 8000 wet or dry epilator is in the upper end of the scale in terms of performance and reliability, offering a decent compromise between value and efficiency. This new model has nine attachments, making it so much more than an epilator, it’s an all-around epilation, grooming, trimming, and skincare tool.

It was a very close contender for our top epilator, just falling a couple of minor points behind the Braun Epil 9.

What the Philips BRE740/11 Has to Offer

  • Philips widest Epilator head, for maximum hair removal in every stroke.
  • High grip strength, long lasting ceramic tweezer discs.
  • Suitable for whole body epilation, with host of attachments and accessories.
  • Integrated LED Opti Guide light, so you can see every hair.
  • Exception build quality from a trusted health brand.
  • 9 attachment – epilator, shaver, efoliating brush, shaver, trimmer,

Philips Satinelle BRE635/00 Overview

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Philips new Series 8000 BRE740/11 provides fast and efficient hair removal without the need to go over the same area multiple times, and the Satinelle wide epilation head means wider coverage with a single stroke.

This is a wet and dry product, meaning it can be used on-the-go, or in the bath or shower for maximum comfort. It is designed for cordless use, and the rechargeable batteries offer 40 minutes of power from a 90-minute charge.

For ease of use, Satinelles also come with an Opti-light to help identify and remove fine hairs and trace remnants from your whole body.

As well as an Opti-light, the Satinelle range comes with a host of features to maximise the effectiveness and comfort of hair removal.

Philips’ patented S-shaped handle makes the device easier to hold and maneuver, if you’re opting for wet epilation, and makes it easier to get to out-of-reach areas of the body. Plus, is visual a very attractive device.

The wide epilation head means you’ll achieve more with a single stroke, minimising the amount of time you’ll need to be epilating.

The Series 800 wet and dry BRE740/11 comes with nine useful attachments; that’s four more than the 610 predecessor, and three fewer than the higher-end 650. The massage cap gently lifts hair and vibrates against the body, raising flat-lying hairs to maximise removal. The massage function also soothes the skin, reducing unpleasantness in the somewhat painful process of epilating hairs.

For delicate areas, two specially adapted caps achieve an extra fineness, meaning a gentler epilation and a smoother result for the upper lip and chin. For bikini-line trimming, a bikini trimming comb is provided for use before epilation, in order to facilitate smoother performance from the product.

Finally, once you’ve used the trimming comb, you can attach the shaver head for a close shave, as this model converts to a fully functioning lady shaver.

The product itself utilises a combination of tweezing and textured ceramic discs (designed for max wet & dry gripping power) to lift hairs into position before removing them; in practice, this proves effective most of the time, though don’t expect to never have to redo areas.

The added Opti-light is useful for times of dimmed lighting, or when you’re unable to catch every hair in one pass.


  • Quick epilation – fewer hairs missed
  • LED Opti-light – seen in top competing Braun epilators at similar price
  • Extra caps and attachments – for customisation
  • Ergonomic, nice looking design, with excellent build quality
  • Long 40 minute battery life
  • Unique ceramic tweezer hair – less hairs left behind
  • Simple on/off power button with x2 speed control


  • No skin exfoliation aids which really help pre-epilation. (this new model has an electric exfoliating brush)
  • Does not have pivoting head (not a big deal breaker, but most high end models have this feature)
  • A little on the noisy side

Philips Series 8000 Customer Reviews

Positive reviews of the product focus on its speed and effectiveness. Epilation can be a painful process, especially if it’s your first time, so rapidity is a key factor if you’re hoping to avoid pain.

The ergonomic handle is also mentioned repeatedly as making the process easier, while the slightly larger size and power consumption mean you may be charging this device slightly more often than other, smaller options.

If you’re going to use epilation as part of a larger body-care and hair removal routine, then this is an ideal mid-range product. Combined with occasional spot-waxing, the Satinelle range is ideal for ensuring hair-free legs and sensitive areas for several weeks at a time.