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Best Pubic Hair Trimmer for Men in 2023

Eh… excuse me, could you point me in the direction of your finest pubic hair trimmer, please?

Sure, follow me Sir, I have just the thing you’re looking for.

We’ve been busy researching and reviewing the market’s best trimmers for shaving the hedge that grows south of the equator.

We’ll help you safely navigate that delicate terrain, avoiding injury and irritation.

Manscaping pubes – an activity which would once have been met with mockery, has become not only socially acceptable, but sexy.

Now, you don’t need a long list of the top 5 pubic hair trimmers, you only need to know the single best, and that’s the Philips Series 7000 Men’s Groomer – here’s why:

1. Best Pubic Hair Trimmer Overall: Philips Series 7000 Groomer

There are loads of trimming tools to remove male pubic hair, but nothing quite compares to the Philips Series 7000 – a total body shaving tool built by the best in the business – for efficient removal of all body hair from the neck down.

It’s an updated and improved version of the TT2039/13, the new BG7025/13 boasts more power, improved cutting, and modern design.

By the features and marketing of this groomer, this is clearly designed to trim male pubic hair, without Philips shouting about it. And from my own personal use of this tool, I can confirm it’s an outstanding trimmer for safely removing pubic hair.

But the key thing that separates this grooming tool from the competition is the dual-sided cutting system.

Series 7000 Adjustable Long Hair Clipper

At one end of the trimmer handle, there’s a long hair clipper which is perfectly suited for cutting thick pubic hair.

The problem with most body hair groomers is that they have a small trimmer and foil shaver, driven by a run-of-the-mill motor, which can’t deal with the density and thickness of pubic hair.

They’re fine cutting fine chest, belly, arms, legs, and back hair. But pubes are particularly tough and can overwhelm the trimmer motor.

And if the trimmer can’t cut through hairs cleanly, your pubes will jam in the blades – and that’s no joke, let me tell you.

This clipper component eliminates painful tugging and gives you more control over hair length.

Most men are not going to shave all their pubes off completely. Though you can, easily, with the Philips Series 7000.

Sure, your balls are a different story, shave them close, but you want to leave some pubic hair around the top of your penis.

And that’s what makes this groomer so special – you get a clipper for shaping the longer hairs around your genitalia, and a second foil trimmer for your balls.

Philips Hypoallergenic Foil Shaver

On the opposite end, there’s a skin-friendly foil shaver head for safely trimming hairs down smooth, to skin level.

At either side of the foil, there are two trimmers that catch and cut longer hairs, while providing great skin protection.

Because scrotum skin is loose and pigmented, it’s prone to nicks and cuts from shaving. Therefore, even careful wet shaving with a razor can cause painful cuts.

Using a general clipper or trimmer is just as dangerous, because their blades are shaped like a row of mini spikes, ready to pierce your skin.

Not with the Philips Series 7000 shaver head, as the trimmer teeth have rounded tips, greatly reducing the chance of injury.

And the shaver element has a hypo-allergenic foil that protects your skin from the internal blades.

This design ensures efficient cutting of hairs with maximum skin comfort and protection – perfect for trimming your balls.

And because our bodies have lots of unique shapes to navigate, the shaver is mounted on a contour adapting 4D flex system.

Waterproof Trimmer

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Its watertight construction means that you can use this trimmer in the shower, or rinse hairs off under running water after each trimming session.

Though, it’s better the trim bushy pubic hair when it’s dry, as wet hairs tend to clump together and stick to the skin, making accurate trimming awkward to achieve.

However, there are a few very useful benefits to having a water-resistant pubic hair trimmer.

After trimming down the bulk of the bush (when dry), you can use a sensitive shaving gel on and around your balls, to provide a protective lubricating barrier for the final close shave.

Grooming your pubic stubble in the shower can make the process more comfortable, and less messy. Letting the cut hairs wash down the drain and rinse the trimmer head under running water for fast and easy cleaning.

And finally, you don’t need to worry about accidentally dropping your brand-new trimmer down the toilet or into a bath full of water.

You might be wondering how your trimmer would end up at the bottom of your toilet pan.

Here’s a tip – When manscaping your pubic area, it’s a good idea to stand close to a toilet pan, like you’re doing a pee – leaning in slightly so that all the trimmed pubic hairs fall into the toilet bowl.

This way, you can simply flush the hairs away without leaving a mess all over the bathroom floor, or risking blocking your shower drain.

Trim Cordless with Powerful Internal Battery

Cordless trumps corded when you’re using a trimming tool for pubic hair, or hair anywhere on your body. Trailing power cords anchor you close to a wall and distract you from your shaving as you try to avoid the cable getting in your way.

Cordless equals freedom. Simply pick your great trimmer up and start trimming, in any location. Though, we recommend somewhere private when trimming hair around your genitals.

Of all the cordless electric shavers, clippers, and groomers I’ve tested, Philips always has the most impressive runtime. On a fully charged battery (which takes just an hour to fully charge) the Philips Series 7000 can run non-stop for 80 minutes.

You’ll likely groom all of your body hair once or twice per week, and each trimming session takes roughly 15 minutes, which means this shaver will only need charging monthly.

Overall, this is an excellent pubic hair trimmer for men and is designed for all-over body hair trimming. It has outstanding features, performance, and reliability, and is built by men’s grooming experts who are backing their product with a 2-year warranty.

Still not sold on the idea of grooming your pubic hair. Maybe you don’t think it’s “normal” – well, I’ve got good news for you.

4 Benefits to Trimming Down Pubic Hair

1. Women prefer men with well-trimmed pubes

There was a recent survey by Cosmopolitan that asked over 4,000 men and women how they feel about pubic hair grooming.

Not surprisingly, 92% of participants engage in grooming their pubic hair, but what’s interesting for the guys to know, is that 70% of women prefer their partner to have trimmed pubes.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about taking a pubic hair trimmer to your woolly mammoth, know that it’ll go down well with most women.

With that said, don’t go crazy and shave everything off, as you’ll look like a prepubescent teenager. There’s a right and wrong way to shave pubic hair, which we’ll cover in more detail shortly.

2. Better Sex

Data from the Cosmopolitan survey discovered that the number one reason for trimming pubic hair is that it made men and women feel more attractive, and if you feel sexier in bed, the whole sexual experience is better.

It’s true what they say – “Look good, feel good”.

Further, a study partly conducted by the Department of Urology, San Francisco General Hospital, University of California, found that most men groom their pubic hair for improved sexual activity. This is likely because there’s better stimulation of direct skin contact when the barrier of pubic hair is removed.

3. More hygienic

A close second reason for trimming downstairs was to improve personal hygiene.

Whether it’s actually better or not is a debate that’s ongoing. But less hair down there sure feels fresher and cleaner, for men and women.

Some men report less bad smells from regularly trimming their nether regions. This makes sense since matted pubic hair can collect sweat, oils, and bacteria, that combine to produce offensive odours.

And less pubic hair means you can more thoroughly clean skin around your genitalia and ball sack.

4. Grooming Makes you look bigger

The same study as mentioned above found that 1 in 5 men groom their pubic hair to make their penis look longer.

But does trimming your pubes make your baby maker bigger?

The answer is yes, because about an inch or more of the top of your penis is hidden behind shrubbery.

Trimming away some of the hair around the top of your penis will increase its size, visually. In other words, grooming will expose your true endowment.

And let’s face it, what guy wouldn’t enjoy adding an extra inch?

Is Shaving the Pubic Area Safe?

Yes – but only as long as the appropriate tools are used (like our top recommended pubic hair trimmer), with caution, common sense, and correct technique. The goal is to remove hair around your private parts, without getting razor bumps or itching.

Failing to abide by the above can result in scrapes, nicks, cuts, and even abscesses.
Don’t believe us?

Just ask the medical journal, Urology, which reported a five-fold increase in manscaping injuries severe enough to warrant an emergency room visit. Obviously, shaving your balls without having to display your handy-work to a room full of doctors would be the ideal situation – this guide is here to help!

How to Trim Your Pubic Hair, in Seven Easy Steps

There’s an endless verity of pubic hairstyles that you could craft, from the landing strip, the most popular of them all – the Billiard Balls.

Here are some examples:

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the UK’s top Billiards Ball style that involves trimming some hair away from the base of the penile shaft and shortening the length of the mass of pubic hair below the navel, to finally shaving the balls smooth.

Let’s do this…

Select an appropriate tool, and don’t use it for anything else.

For occasional trimming, good-quality scissors (with short- to medium-length blades, for safety and accuracy) will suffice. But for the best manscaping, you’ll need an outstanding pubic hair trimmer.

To keep hair at a predetermined length, use an electric trimmer or clipper with an adjustable blade or guard – though you’d be best served by a dedicated, adjustable body groomer, designed for the sole purpose of trimming pubic and other body hair.

For a completely shaven look, again, opt for a body groomer that cuts close, with high-quality electric shaver foils.

Whatever your tool of choice, reserve it solely for manscaping. What goes below, stays below, and vice versa.

The groin harbours yeast and bacteria not found elsewhere on the body.

Using a grooming tool that comes into close contact with the groin can spread microorganisms, increasing the risk of jock itch, ringworm, and other unpleasant skin conditions.

Thin out the shrubbery.

If it’s your first time shaving your pubic area – or it’s been a while – chances are that the hair is long, curly, and dense. Just as you wouldn’t attack a six-month-old beard with a razor, neither should you attempt to shave pubic hair that’s grown for more than a couple of weeks.

Doing so can result in painful pulling, itching, irritation, and ingrown hair. Instead, take those hairs down to size with an electric trimmer or clipper.

Trim hair to about 1/16 of an inch, then proceed with a razor, or simply maintain your desired length through regular grooming.

Prepare for take-off.

Don’t attempt to shave dry pubic stubble on your balls. Rather, shave after showering.

Heat and moisture soften skin, open pores, break down oil and dirt, and make hair easier to remove.

Water also acts as a natural pre-lubricant, reducing the likelihood of catching and tugging. When it’s time to shave, use a high-quality, alcohol-free shaving gel or cream—ideally one which contains aloe vera or vitamin E, to prevent irritation.

Go with the grain.

If you’re using a cartridge razor, shave using smooth, even strokes, in the same direction in which your pubic hair grows. Going against the grain can leave unsightly stubble, necessitating more passes, and irritating skin.

If shaving with the grain alone provides an unsatisfactory result, you may follow up with an across or against the grain motion, but avoid shaving with excess pressure.

Now, it’s tricky to see which direction the grain is growing on your balls, so it’s best to use a foil electric shaver head, such as the one pubic trimmer we rated at the start of this guide.

Using this kind of trimmer for pubes makes shaving close so much easier and accurate.

Don’t get too ballsy.

Shaving the upper groin area is relatively easy – it’s once you go farther below the beltline that things get challenging.

Skin is softer, more mobile, and may gather in folds. The scrotum (and what it contains) is particularly delicate, and without proper technique and tools, can be easily cut.

And the nature of those areas – warm, moist and dark – make them an attractive breeding ground for bacteria, which, while normally harmless, can easily pass through even small lacerations. The result can range from minor irritation to serious infections, such as an abscess, cellulitis, or gangrene.

Fortunately, such mishaps can be avoided. Keep your hands clean, and wash your pubic area prior to shaving or grooming. Use your dominant hand to control your grooming tool, and your other hand to pull loose skin taut.

That will smooth out things out, and allow you to shave more carefully and precisely. To accurately assess your work, stand over a handheld mirror in a well-illuminated room.

Note: never shave between your bum cheeks, as shaving this sensitive buttcrack area could lead to nasty ingrown hairs and irritation.

Be prepared for accidents.

Even the most practiced manscaper can slip up. If it happens to you, stay calm. Thoroughly wash the affected area with gentle soap and warm water, and disinfect it with rubbing alcohol. If the cut is only skin deep, staunch it with damp paper towels or toilet paper, allowing the blood to clot.

In the case of a larger cut, or one that continues to bleed after fifteen minutes, contact your doctor, or get professional medical help.

Make it moist.

The delicate, sensitive nature of the groin area, and the curliness inherent to pubic hair, often means that you’ll experience an itching sensation immediately after shaving.

This goes away with time but can be prevented by applying moisturizer. Look for two ingredients in particular: Aloe (which soothes) and camphor (which numbs and refreshes).

If redness and itching persist, folliculitis (inflamed hair follicles), or fungal or bacterial infection could be to blame.

Though you may be tempted to reach for hydrocortisone cream, hydrocortisone may actually contribute to, or worsen, folliculitis. Speak with your dermatologist for expert advice.

So, don’t balls this up – get the best pubic hair trimmer you can afford, and groom those delicate manly bits with care.