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Best Travel Electric Shaver – When Size Matters

Whether you’re travelling for a business meeting, visiting family, or on vacation, being prepared for your trip is extremely important.

As a man that takes pride in looking well-groomed, it’s vitally important that you pack adequate shaving equipment for your long travels.

Choosing a travel-size shaver for your travel bag as opposed to a large electric razor or traditional wet razor set has a number of advantages, and making sure that you have the right shaving tools can be immensely helpful in maintaining your quality grooming regimen wherever you go.

Below are two key ways that a small electric shaver will benefit you, and I’ll be giving you my top recommendation for which travel sized electric shavers may be best to invest in for your next trip.


The main advantage of owning a small travel-sized shaver is pretty obvious – it’s portable. They’re small, lightweight, and easy to store. With a smaller portable shaver, you can maintain your regular smooth look or afternoon shadow wherever you travel to, maintaining that consistency in your style.


This particular point is especially useful if you’re travelling out of the country or in an area where you don’t really have access to power outlets. Cordless travel shavers run on internal batteries which means that you don’t need to worry about finding an outlet to plug your shaver into.

If you’re using a corded electric shaver abroad when on holiday or away for business then you’d need to take the appropriate power converter plug to fit the socket outlet – a hassle you could be doing without.

This can be a tricky thing to get right if you’re not completely sure which type of power outlet the country you’re travelling to uses.

Cordless electric shavers will either have an internal rechargeable battery or require changeable batteries, both options are ideal for travelling.

Providing your shaver is high quality, the built-in internal battery should have enough power to use every day for a couple of weeks when fully charged, and if you’re using a shaver with disposable batteries then it’s as simple as packing some spares to ensure you never run out of power.

Top Recommended Travel Electric Shavers

Braun MobileShave M-90 Portable Electric Shaver

Braun portable travel electric shaver

You’ll find a fair selection of low-cost travel-size electric shavers to choose from, but not every electric shaver is going to give you the quality shave and performance that you’re looking for. Braun, a well-known German brand, is particularly coveted for its ability to manufacture some of the best portable shavers around.

The Braun MobileShave electric travel shaver is one of the most reputable small shavers available, providing a smooth and close shave, exceptional reliability, and performance.

You’ll be able to touch up your sideburns, moustache, or any other facial hairstyle. This model is designed with what is known as SmartFoil, which is a form of technology that works to capture hairs that are growing in different directions so that you get that quality close shave, even for its compact size.

Maintaining the product is also very easy. This shaver is fully washable under running water and the twist cap protects the foil when you aren’t using the product – a great feature for storing the shaver in hand luggage, pockets, or an internal bag pouch.

The product also comes with a comfortable handle extension for an easy grip while shaving and a travel lock mechanism. And of course, the strong Braun brand provides the worlds leading men’s electric razors.

Philips Travel Shaver PQ206/18 with Twin Rotary Heads

Another recommended travel shaver is the Philips Norelco PQ206/18. This small rotary-type travel shaver is equipped with a CloseCut system that delivers users with an optimum close shave. With the shaver’s independently floating heads, the shaver will closely flow the curve of your face so that you get as even of a shave as possible.

Similar to the Braun model, this shaver runs on 2AA batteries so that you don’t need to worry about bringing your charger or power adapter with you.

The blades themselves are self-sharpening and last for up to two years. With that, if you travel a lot, you don’t need to be concerned about switching your blades frequently or losing the quality of the product.

The Phillips Travel Shaver also comes with a travel pouch for convenient storage so that you can easily and safely carry your and store your shaver.

Bottom line, whether you choose the foil Braun or the rotary Phillips, neither one of these shavers will let you down on your travels.