Shavers For Sensitive Skin

Here’s just a few reasons why we recommend the Braun CoolTec CT2cc electric shaver for those looking for the best electric shaver suitable for sensitive skin;

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  • It’s specifically designed for sensitive skin sufferers
  • It’s dermatologically tested and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance
  • SensoBlade technology captures hairs growing in different directions
  • … fewer strokes required to cut all hairs
  • Cutting system easily cuts through dense hair with less pressure against skin
  • Can be used dry or wet with sensitive skin shaving gels or oils
  • The only shaver with active cooling technology.

Reducing Dreaded Razor Burn

When used properly electric shavers are far superior to manual razors for those who suffer from sensitive skin. Typically, an electric shaver causes much less damage to the skin than a manual razor which is ideal for anyone who regularly deals with razor burn or nicks and cuts while shaving. Below you’ll find some of the best reasons to use electric for sensitive skin and our recommended shaver product that will keep irritation to a minimum.

There’s absolutely nothing worse than suffering from razor burn after shaving. Razor burn can be caused by a number of different things including friction, in-grown hairs and damage done to the skin. Electric shaver help prevent damage to the skin that can be caused by a traditional disposable razor. Unlike a manual razor, the blades of an electric shaver never actually touch the skin. They are covered by a thin foil on the shaving head which prevents any damage being done to the skin while shaving. This can ultimately lead to less razor burn.

Eliminates Nicks and Cuts

Nobody likes getting nicks and cuts when they shave, especially those with sensitive skin. Nicks and cuts from a manual razor can sometimes be so severe that they bleed for hours. Because the blades of an electric razor never actually touch your skin there’s absolutely no possibility of getting cut while you shave. This means with an electric razor you’ll never have to deal with the irritation and damage which can result from using a manual razor.

Less Friction for Less Irritation

Friction is yet another source of damage and irritation to the skin. When a manual blade gets dull it takes more pressure and strokes to get a clean, close shave. The additional pressure and strokes means more friction grinding away at the skin. This can lead to skin damage, razor burn, cuts and more. The caps on the shaving heads of electric razors are designed to be extremely smooth which almost completely eliminates the possibility of friction. Without friction your skin suffers from less damage and irritation during shaving which is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Using Creams and Gels with Wet Dry Electric Razors

Those with sensitive skin should definitely consider using an electric razor that can shave both wet and dry. A wet dry electric razor gives you the option of using the same shaving creams and gels that you normally would with a standard manual razor. Combined with the other benefits of using an electric razor this can cut down on irritation and damage to the skin considerably. Just don’t try this trick with a standard dry razor as you could easily damage it.

Shaving in the Shower

A wet dry electric razor also provides an additional benefit to those with sensitive skin when used in the shower. A warm shower softens the hair and skin on your face and neck. This makes the hair much easier to trim which aids in eliminating friction and damage to the skin. It also opens up the pores of your skin to help keep them clean and healthy which can reduce skin irritation. While shaving in the shower is ideal you may also benefit from a shower before or after your shave as well.

Last updated: 10/10/2017

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