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Best Electric Razor for Elderly Man

Old-age, it catches up with everyone. With it comes wisdom, but also a bunch of unwanted health problems.

From mobility to memory loss, everything that was once easy seems to get more difficult as we get older.

A simple task like shaving can become a real problem for older men. As we reach those later years, our skin becomes thin and weak, our grip less firm, and a decline in fine motor skills, all get in the way of performing a neat shave.

Switching from a wet shave with a disposable razor to a dry shave with the right electric razor is going to make shaving so much easier for elderly men.

After much deliberation and many hours analysing a select group of leading men’s electric razors, we’ve come to the decision that the latest Braun Series 5 is the best electric razor for an elderly man – here’s why.

Braun Series 5: The Ideal Electric Shaver for Older Men

It’s a Foil Shaver

As we reach those twilight years, skin becomes thinner, and wrinkled, and elastosis causes a weakening of connective tissue. This makes skin harder to shave, and much more susceptible to shaving nicks and cuts.

Now, there are two different types of electric razors – foil and rotary.

Usually, rotary electric shavers have three round heads which each have internal spinning blades that chop off any hairs that enter.

To use this kind of shaver, you rub the shaver heads across the skin in a circular, buffering motion, overlapping the same area several times until all of the stubble is removed.

The problem for elderly men is that their skin is loose and thin, and this buffering shave action will cause the skin to crease up, resulting in missed patches and an increased risk of irritation.

Plus, your memory and coordination skills need to be sharp with this type of electric razor, or you’ll leave stubble patches behind.

With a foil electric shaver – like the Braun Series 5 – you shave in straight lines against the direction of hair growth. Foil shavers allow you to flatten out loose skin and wrinkles, giving an easy, even shave, and therefore is the best choice for older men.

And, the flat foil blades and up / down movements across the face are comparable to classic shaving with a safety razor – a style that older men are most familiar with.

Braun Senso Foils

You might hear elderly men argue that traditional wet razor shaving beats electric shavers on closeness. That’s kind of true, but today’s most advanced electric razors such as the Braun Series 5 5140s cut hairs down to an extremely close 0.058 mm, leaving skin super smooth post-shave.

On testing, the difference in closeness between the Braun Series 5 electric razor and a Gillette cartridge razor was minimal.

In other words, if you were to shave one half of your face with a cartridge or safety razor, and the other half with a premium Braun electric razor, you’d be hard pushed to find a difference in closeness.

The Series 5 men’s shaver has two “SensoFoil” blades with some 900 unique apertures that maximises cutting, removing more hairs with fewer strokes.

These skin-friendly foils cut comfortably close and because no blades are in direct contact with the skin, the possibility for any painful nicks and bleeding cuts is unlikely.

It’s Light Weight and Easy to Operate

The Braun series 5 is easier to use than a TV remote control.

The rapidly advancing technologies in handheld devices like smartphones are hard to keep up with, even for the most tech-savvy youngster, let alone an old-age pensioner.

For older men that grew up in an era when a can of pressurized shaving foam was ground-breaking modern technology, the last thing you want to do is have an elderly gentleman suffering from age-associated memory impairment and cognitive decline use a complicated electric razor.

Switching from manual to electric should be easy, not complex. The Braun series 5 makes this switch simple, as all that’s required to start shaving is the push of a single button clearly mounted on the shaver handle.

One press starts the shaver, and the second press stops – it’s that easy.

Its lightweight (under 1 kg), soft rubber-coated handle and ergonomic shape make this very comfortable to hold, and use. If you’re buying for an elderly man with a shaky hand or tremor, this will be much safer and easier to use than a manual razor.

In fact, the entire shaving routine will become much quicker and easier after switching over.

Auto Sensing Technology

Stubble and beard densities vary between older men, which is mostly down to genetics. Also, stubble thickness can vary on different parts of the face. For example, you might find that hair density around the chin is thicker than the upper cheek area.

And of course, if you leave yourself unshaven for several days, your electric razor is going to have its work cut out to remove all that facial hair without snagging.

The problem with cheaper electric shavers is that the internal motor can struggle to cut through thick, dense patches of hair or several days’ worth of growth.

This dip in power can cause tugging, which makes shaving painful. And, the resistance can cause the internal motor to wear, decreasing the lifespan of the razor.

Braun’s Series 5 has a super strong German motor that automatically adjusts power output depending on the stubble thickness, giving extra power when needed.

The foils are mounted on a flexible head that moves in 8 dimensions. This means that the shaving foils stay in close contact with this skin when shaving the contours of the face, such as the chin, neck, and jawline.

The adapting free-floating foils and pivoting head hug the profile of the face, delivering one-stroke closeness and fewer hairs left behind.

It’s Cordless and Doesn’t Need Batteries.

The last thing you want is to buy an electric razor that have you tethered to the nearest wall socket, with a trailing cable. The Braun Series 5 that we recommend for older men doesn’t require mains power, nor does it take disposable batteries.

The whole shaver is powered by its own powerful, high-quality internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery. All that you need to do is charge the battery with the supplied charger, to enjoy up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted shaving.

The battery should last around 2 weeks of normal use before it needs a full recharge, and should you forget to charge the razor up – which is a common occurrence with older men – the Braun Series 5 has a 5-minute “Quick Charge” feature that gives you enough power to complete a shave with just a quick 5-minute charge.

The internal Li-Ion battery takes an hour to fully charge and won’t need to be recharged again for another 1 – 2 weeks.

You can easily keep track of the battery power level with the 5 big LED lights on the shaver handle. When fully charged, the 5 lights will be illuminated, and as the battery drains, the LEDs go out in sequence. When you’re down to your last LED, it’s time to plug in and charge up.

It’s Waterproof

One of the best ways to keep an older man happy with his new electric razor is to keep him using his favourite shaving cream, foam, or gel.

That’s right, you can use the Braun Series 5 with any shaving lubricant for a smooth and refreshing wet shave, even in the shower.

A 100% waterproof design makes this electric razor ideal for older men with sensitive skin problems.

Structural changes to ageing skin and dermal tissue disorganisation can make skin thin and more prone to damage and irritation, which can be aggravated by shaving.

The beauty of having a wet and dry electric razor is the ability to use moisturising lubricant with special formulations for those with sensitive skin.

Whether you want a close and easy dry shave or a refreshing wet shave, this electric razor does both perfectly.

Helpful Accessories

For the older man who likes to maintain a tidy moustache, there’s a skin-friendly pop-up moustache and sideburn shaping trimmer built into the back of the Series 5 handle.

You’ll also get a travel pouch, cleaning brush, and protection cap in the box.

It’s Easy to Maintain

The Braun Series 5 is built to last, and sturdy enough to take some knocks.

It does not require any blade oiling, and because it’s waterproof, stubble and debris are easily washed away by rinsing the shaver under running water after each use.

Of course, electric razor blades dull after some time, particularly with daily use. When you find that your shave is not as close or comfortable, it’s probably time to replace the foil blades.

You should only need to replace foil blades once a year, or once every 18 months. And new blades are cheap and super easy to replace.

If you want to maximize hygiene, consider upgrading to a Braun Series 6 with SmartCare Clean and Charge station. This special station automatically cleans and drys the electric razor foils for peak performance and maximum cleanliness.

The foils are washed with a special solution that kills 99.9% of germs, leaving the shaver fresh, clean, and fully charged, ready for your next shave.

Braun Series 5 Electric Razor Summary

  • Premium German Men’s Electric Razor
  • Greatly suited to older men
  • Automatic beard density sensor
  • ActiLift trimmer Lifts and cuts troublesome flat-laying hairs
  • Close and smooth wet or dry shave
  • Skin protecting SensoFoils
  • Three floating cutting elements and contour adapting head
  • Powerful and durable built-in battery provides 50 minutes shave
  • Locking head and slide-out trimmer
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Attractive black with blue trim – lightweight, and easy to operate

We recommend the Braun Series 5 as the best electric razor choice for older men. It’s an easy-to-use, high-quality machine that gives a perfectly close shave – wet or dry.

Maybe you’ve spotted some shaving cuts on the face of an elder family member, and you’re concerned about them keeping up with good grooming and hygiene.

The Braun Series 5 is an outstanding electric shaver enjoyed by men of all ages, the world over, and will allow elder men to safely maintain a clean-shaven face and their independence.

You know you’re getting old when you get that one candle on the cake. It’s like – See if you can blow this out.