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Braun Series 3 310s Review

Sporting a bearded look like the 5 o’clock shadow, or full beard, might be “the in thing” this year, but there will always be occasions when a clean-shaven face is inescapable.

Male grooming trends come and go, but the need for a fast, close shave holds steady. And the Braun series 3 310s electric razor is an ideal entry-level shaver, great for a fast close shave and travel.

While it is not the ultimate precision shaver, it certainly gets the job done well and it might just be a better alternative to your current disposable razor routine.

Braun Series 3 310s Shaver – Key Specs

  • Pressure sensitive blades prevent nicks and cuts, to facilitate a smooth shaving experience.
  • Auto shut-off feature ensures that the decive is switched on only when unplugged from the mains socket.
  • The thin 3-flex shaving head easily adapts to the tight crevices of your face.
  • Provides a long-lasing battery backup, with “quick shave” feature.
  • Suitable for both dry and wet shaving.
  • Textured, ergonomic, rubber grip for comfort, style, and maneuverability.
  • Built by a leading brand you can trust.
  • Efficient, close shave, without costly gadgetry.

Smooth Shaving Abilities

If you’re switching from a regular razor to electric, you need to know that it will likely take your face a while to get accustomed to this new activity.

After some minor initial discomfort, you’ll be able to comfortably achieve a smooth shave in just a few passes. Braun series 3 electric shavers use SensoFoil, which reduces the friction between the blade and your skin – maximizing cutting efficiency while minimizing discomfort.

The deliberate irregular pattern on the foil delivers super cutting efficiency in every stroke. This, combined with super sharp, yet easily retractable blades, provides a close shave, without causing nasty cuts.

Braun 3 310s works best on short stubble and medium-length beard. The sharp blades are made from top-quality steel, for long-lasting regular use and great cutting power.

Series 3 310s Look and Feel

Its special 3-pressure sensitive shaving elements apply optimal pressure, while seamlessly shaving the difficult-to-reach areas of your face – e.g. under the nose, around the chin, jaw, and neckline.

Moreover, this model is waterproof and can be immersed in water 5m deep – not that you’d be shaving at the bottom of a swimming pool – but the feature makes maintenance and wet shaving a breeze.

After each shave, switch the shaver on and hold the shaving head under running tap water to clean off cut hairs and dead skin.

With this water-compatible design, you can either opt for the traditional wet shave method with shaving gel or foam or just dry shave to save time and mess.

The bottom of the shaver has a basic display panel – which I’ll talk more about in just a minute.

The cordless function is undoubtedly one of the key features of this product. You can carry this portable grooming kit anywhere, at work, on travel, or everyday home use.

How Good is The Battery?

The Braun Series 3 310 electric shaver is powered by an internal re-chargeable NiMH battery.

Once fully charged (which takes about an hour), you’ll get three-quarters of an hour of shaving.

Since each shave takes 5 – 10 minutes, depending on hair growth, you could easily use it for a week before having to charge again.

This is great for people who travel a lot. You can see a little LED light indicator at the bottom of the device which helps you keep tabs on the remaining battery life.

If you’re in a real hurry, say, getting late for a meeting or special occasion, use its quick charge technology to get the device ready with enough power for a complete shave with just 5 minutes of charging.

The package includes a charger that can work on any voltage between 100-240V AC. This “Smart Plug” feature is very handy, as it automatically adapts to voltage input, making it usable anywhere in the world.

Unique Safety Features

As I mentioned earlier, it has an automatic shut-off system that prevents the shaver from getting accidentally switched on.

It also stops you from using the shaver around water when plugged into the mains.

What We Don’t Like

This electric shaver will not perform well on long beards.

The absence of a built-in trimmer can be a problem if you like to trim up sideburns and tidy other areas for a better finish, but given its low price point, you can’t complain.

The Bottom Line

The Braun Series 3 310s is one of the best low-end / medium-budget foil-cutting electric shavers.

Its shaving efficiency is very good, and would make a great first electric shaver, or travel haver, but is less feature-rich than the higher-end counterparts.

However, it works extremely well on stubble. The ergonomically sound design lets you closely shave hard-to-reach spots like the jawline, under the nose with minimal effort.

If you simply want an easy-to-use electric shaver for regular grooming, this is a very good basic electric shaver.