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Braun Series 5 Review: 50-B1200s Electric Shaver

Braun Series 5 50-b1200s shaver

The famous Braun Series 5 has had itself a makeover. The Series 5 5140s is now the Series 5 50-b1200s. It’s the same great shaver but now has newer styling and component parts – lets explore.

Braun Series 5 Advanced Sonic Technology

The Braun Series 5 50-b1200s features advanced sonic technology for the ultimate shaving experience. This razor delivers an amazing 10,000 vibrations with every stroke to provide the ultimate in comfort during and after shaving. These vibrations also help to capture more hair by gently vibrating the shave head across the skin.

This provides you with the closest, smoothest shave imaginable. A shave so close you’ll actually have a smooth face and neck for longer in between each shave.

Series 5 50-b1200s – Wet or Dry Shaving – You Decide

With this shaver being fully waterproof it’s perfect for wet or dry shaving. It also gives you the option of using shaving cream or other gels when shaving to provide maximum comfort for sensitive skin.

The wet-dry feature also makes cleanup super simple. Easily place your shaver under running water for a 5 second cleanup after each shave.

Braun 50-b1200s Three Different Shaving Modes

This is the only razor from Braun that features three different shaving modes for maximum comfort and versatility. The first mode is a normal mode perfect for everyday shaving.

The next is a special sensitive mode which is great for people with sensitive skin.

The third is an intense mode that’s great for shaving a 3-day beard. You can select the model you’d like to use before each shave to match your individual needs at the time.

OptiFoil Technology for a Long Lasting Shave

OptiFoil is a specialized foil designed by Braun for the closest, most efficient shave possible.

They created a unique geometric design on the foil head which is better able to capture hair and cut it as close as possible.

There are small holes that are great for cutting your tough stubble along with larger holes that cut longer hairs and cut at a different angle for an even closer shave. What you end up with is the closest shave possible from any Braun electric razor.

Professional Grade Lithium Ion Battery

This razor uses the same professional-grade lithium-ion style battery you might find in a laptop or other high-power device.

The powerful lithium-ion battery fully charges in less than an hour and doesn’t suffer from a memory effect as other batteries would. You can even run a quick charge cycle of just 5 minutes in order to provide enough power for a single shave.

You can even use your razor while it’s plugged in to shave while you charge.

What’s in the box?

  • The Braun Series 5 50-b1200s Electric Shaver
  • Deluxe Travel Case for Taking Your Shaver On the Move
  • Power Cord for Effortless Charging
  • Shaver Oil to Keep your Razor in Tip-Top Shape
  • A Small Cleaning Brush to Keep Your Razor free of Dust and Small Hairs
  • Two Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Like all other Braun electric razors, the 50-b1200s also comes with a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can rest assured knowing your razor was built for reliability and durability.

If anything goes wrong within the first two years simply return the razor for repair or replacement.

The Braun 5 Series 50-b1200s rechargeable wet dry electric razor with advanced sonic technology is simply one of the best razors you will ever own.

You just won’t find a razor that can provide you with a closer, smoother shave. Experience it for yourself and discover just how comfortable and soothing sonic technology can be.