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Braun Series 9 9340s Wet and Dry Shaver

Braun Series 9 9340s reviewed

Getting a close and smooth shave is not always an easy, or painless process, but Braun thinks it should be. Braun offers the Series 9 9340s Electric Shaver to make shaving easy, efficient and keeps your face feeling fresh. The 9340s is part of Braun’s top of the line Series 9 Electric Shavers, and has some of the most advanced technologies and effective shaving capabilities available on the market.

It comes with a long list of features and offers excellent performance without skin irritation on a level you simply will not find with many other models. Let’s talk about the list of impressive features and technology this shaver offers, and see if it could be the electric shaver that is the perfect fit for your face.

Key Features of the Braun Series 9 9340s?

  • SyncroSonic Technology Tested by the IPI Institute Germany
  • Specialized Cutting Action Captures Varying Hair Lengths
  • Designed for Maximum Contact without Skin Irritation
  • Wet and Dry Capable
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Protective Carrying Case Included
  • Cleaning Brush Included
  • Lift and Cut Mechanism for a Close Smooth Shave
  • Precision Trimmer
  • Fast Recharge Capability

Braun Series 9 9340s Overview and Features

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Advanced SyncroSonic Technology

The 9340s is designed with SyncroSonic Technology which is a unique and proven cutting action system that provides powerful performance and an ultra-smooth shave while still being gentle on the skin. The unique technology has been tested by a third-party, the IPI Institute Germany, and classified as one of the most effective shaving technologies even when dealing with a three or four-day beard.

SyncroSonic cutting action works by utilizing dual motors that create vibrations causing the cutting blades to move at an extremely accelerated rate. The end result is powerful cutting action with the blades providing 40,000 movements for each minute of operation. According to users and the third-party IPI Institute testing, this provides a close and smooth shave that is among the very best in the industry.

Directional Cut and Shave

Not all hair grows straight and even which is part of the reason it can be so difficult to achieve a close shave without irritating your skin. However, the Series 9 9340s solves this issue by using four different cutting components in the shaving process. Each component smoothly guides and lifts hairs growing in different directions so the powerful cutting action can provide a smooth and clean shave.

MicroMotion and MacroMotion Flexibility

While this electric shaver does offer plenty of powerful performance to remove unwanted and difficult hairs from your face, neck, and chin area, it’s also gentle. Some electric razors that do a great job of removing or trimming unwanted hair can damage your skin and leave you feeling the burn. You won’t find this with the Series 9 9340s by Braun as it uses a fully pivoting head design and flexible OptiFoil engineering for maximum comfort.

The entire head and individual cutting components of this razor are flexible and move to accommodate the personal contour of your face. This provides maximum contact without any of the razor burn and skin irritation you can get from less effective electric shavers.

100% Waterproof with Wet and Dry Capability

The 9040s is 100% waterproof which makes it a very versatile electric shaver that can be used in the shower with your favorite shaving gel or while you are on the go if you just need a quick dry shave. This feature makes shaving easy for anyone regardless of your skin type or level of sensitivity.

Additionally, because this shaver is waterproof, it makes cleaning and maintaining the 9340s a breeze. You can clean the unit under direct running water and it can even maintain its waterproof integrity is up to 5m of water.

Easy Sideburn, Neck and Beard Trimming

This unit has a built-in precision style trimmer that makes trimming tasks simple. The precision trimming component slides out of the back of the main unit with very little effort and is capable of providing clean and precise trimming for your neck area, sideburns or any area you may need precise hair management.

Quick and Easy Recharging

Recharging the unit is easy. A SmartPlug recharging cord is included in the box which you simply attach to the unit and then connect to a power source. There are no complicated charging base units to figure out or user manuals required. Additionally, the recharging process is quick and it only takes approximately one hour to reach a full charge. Once fully charged, the 9040s can provide up to 50 full minutes of shaving action so each charge should last a full week. The long battery life and quick charging system make owning this electric razor easy and almost maintenance-free.

Overall Design

Not only does this Braun shaver have a long list of impressive features but it looks and feels good too. The 9340s sports a modern and sleek design with contoured lines that make it easy to handle. The rubberized grip ensures you are in complete control whether using it in the shower or on the go while commuting to work. The unit comes in black and has chrome accents as well as aqua colored trim.

What Do You Get in the Box?

You won’t be disappointed when you open up the box as the Series 9 9040s comes with everything you need for a great shaving experience while at home or on the road. Included with the 9340s is one SmartPlug for quick recharging, one cleaning brush for easy maintenance, and a protective carrying case. All of the included items can easily fit inside the provided protective carrying case which makes this electric shaver a perfect travel companion.

Included in the Box:

  • x1-Braun Series 9 9340s Electric Shaver w/Trimmer
  • x1-SmartPlug Charging Cord
  • x1-Cleaning Brush
  • x1-Protective Carrying case

Series 9 9340s Review – Final Thoughts

You no longer have to put up with razor burn or skin irritations just because you want a close shave. As you’ll find from looking through our latest electric shaver reviews, the Braun Series 9 9340s makes getting a clean and comfortable shave easier and faster than ever before. The unit is easy to use, durable and offers excellent performance all at a very reasonable price. If you need high-quality electric shaver without a big price tag then this Braun model is worth a long hard look.