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Top Rated Shavers Under £100

The technological trickle-down effect is astounding – it extends well beyond ever-faster computing systems and more affordable mobile devices, wending its way into consumer goods of all sorts – even electric razors.

You can certainly spend in excess of £100 on a shaver, some costing as much as £300.

But what if you’re on a budget or simply want to “test the waters” first without spending a fortune?

Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve been busy researching to find an answer to that very question.

In this article, I’ll be showing you two of the best, most highly-rated electric shavers you can buy today, for well under £100.

You really don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on an electric shaver, as you’ll see from these two impressive products.

  • First Up: The Braun Series 3 380s-4

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Braun is a German company that has built its reputation on innovative, high-quality, high-performance products, and its Series 3 380s-4 Wet & Dry shaver is a shining example of the company’s manufacturing ethos.

The 380s-4 is a popular foil shaver. Foil technology – which uses ultra-thin, perforated foil to trap hair and cover the moving blades – is ideal for those who want an exceptionally close, precise shave.

Braun understands this technology – even the foil holes are ergonomically designed, for consistent hair capture and 30% less irritation than other shaver types.

That’s significant if you have sensitive skin or suffer from razor burn. Its unique design not only maximizes hair cutting, but also comfort.

You can use the Braun Series 3 Wet or dry – the former means it’s safe to operate in the shower, even with foam or gel; the latter means you can still get a comfortable, close shave, anytime, but faster.

If you don’t want to be clean-shaven at all times, it’s still easy to maintain a tidy look – the included Long Hair Trimmer lets you precisely trim your moustache, sideburns or beard, or touch-up areas that might need some attention.

The Series 3 380s-4 has a powerful rechargeable battery that works for around three-quarters of an hour before needing to be charged again – but on the off chance you’ve forgotten to place the shaver in the included charger, you can use it plugged in, or give it a 5-minute quick-charge, sufficient for one full shave.

There’s a reason that Braun is voted men’s top foil electric shaver brand across the word and is our number #1 recommended shaver for the last 4 years straight – that’s a win streak worth talking about.

…And the good news for you is that this quality grooming tool is now more affordable, with great deals online.

  • The Second Option: The Philips Series 3000 S3233/52

philips series 3000 shaver review S3233 52

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Like the Braun Series 3, the Philips Series 3000 can be used wet or dry – in the shower with gel or cream for more moisture and comfort, or out of the shower for faster, but still excellent, results.

Philips has pioneered its own shaving innovations – like Super Lift and Cut Action, featured on the Aquatouch electric shaver.

Facial hair seldom grows consistently – that means that some hairs stubbornly lay flat against the skin, making it difficult to cut them.

Super Lift and Cut Action remedies this problem by first lifting the hair into position, then slicing through it with super-thin stainless steel blades.

The x4 directional heads mean maximum coverage and result in a closer shave with fewer passes.

To further reduce skin irritation, the AquaTouch shaver range uses the Philips Skin Protection System – special caps cover the rotary blades, preventing nicks and cuts.

The shaving heads are rounded and designed for low friction. They automatically adjust to your face’s contours, letting the shaver float smoothly over your jawline and glide under the tricky curvature of your neck.

You can keep your sideburns or moustache looking sharp with the included pop-up trimmer.

Unlike the Braun Series 3, this Philips shaver uses rotary technology.

Such shavers are appropriate for men who shave less frequently, have coarse, dense beards, or whose beard growth patterns are complex and multi-directional.

Two Shavers, One Choice – You Can’t Lose

Both electric shavers offer tremendous value for money and have garnered many positive reviews.

You can’t go wrong with either one – they’re among the best electric shavers in the under-£100 class.

Simply decide which would best suit your needs, and years of smooth, comfortable shaves will await you!

The only real difference between these shavers is that Braun is a foil type and the Philips is rotary.

Whichever you decide to go with is simple down to personal preference as both will produce the same great shaving results.