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Panasonic Milano ES-SL41-A Shaver

The next time you’re told to be more sensitive, you can point out how much shaving tends to irritate your face.

The skin on the face and neck is soft – forcibly removing hair from it can lead to redness, ingrown hairs – and even acne.

If your skin protests every time you go near it with a traditional razor, keep reading, because Panasonic developed the Milano ES-SL41-A Men’s electric shaver especially for you – the sensitive, well-groomed man!

Panasonic Milano ES-SL41-A Main Features

  • Wet or dry operation – use in or out of the shower
  • Use With a shaving lather or dry
  • Multi-fit arc shaving head foils are curved.
  • 30 degree nano-polished inner blades
  • Gives an incredibly clean, close shave.
  • 3-blade cutting system for quick results.
  • Includes a Finishing Foil.
  • Easy to recharge and store.
  • Features a pop-up trimmer for grooming.

Absolute Shaving Comfort

A clean-shaven face can make a man look great – but not if he’s also red, raw and pimply from using an inappropriate grooming tool. Shaving is sometimes likened to performing a daily exfoliation, and that isn’t far from the truth.

Hair isn’t the only thing that’s removed – with it comes a few layers of epidermal cells.

Traditional wet-shaving can give great results, but takes practice to master, and some men’s faces simply don’t adjust well to it.

Other electric shavers may be appropriate for men whose skin is more resilient, or for those whose thick or coarse beards warrant a lot of cutting power – but not for those of us who are prone to irritation.

The new Panasonic Milano ES-SL41-A Shaver – so named because it was designed in Milan, home to all things elegant and refined – gracefully follows every contour of your face, progressively shearing each hair until all that’s left is a smooth visage.

The secret lies in Panasonic’s razor-sharp nanotech blades and contour-tracing, micro-perforated cylindrical blade foils that glide over the peaks and valleys of your cheeks, jawline and neck, allowing you to move the shaver in a circular motion.

Use it At Home, Wet or Dry – or on the Run

Whether you’re at home and have time for a leisurely shave or on the run and need to clean up in a hurry, the Panasonic Milano has you covered.

It can provide a perfectly comfortable, slightly faster shave when used dry, but is designed to operate under running water, too – you can safely take it into the shower, thanks to its unique head which lets water pass through. It’s also compatible with shaving lather.

Convenient Charging, Storage and Cleaning Options

There’s something to be said about always knowing where your devices will be when you need them. The Panasonic Milano comes with an AC charging stand and holder to keep the battery topped up and the shaver ready for action.

Unlike old-style electric shavers, the Milano is designed for cordless use. Not being tethered to a mains outlet makes a big difference when navigating the angles of your face.

Most users report roughly one work-week’s – 4 to 5 days – worth of regular shaves from a single charge.

Cleaning and maintaining this shaver is easy – the cleverly designed Water Shutters allow for easy access.

Say Goodbye to Irritation Today – Try the Panasonic Milano

At a touch over £30 (at the time of writing this review), this Panasonic electric shaver is a real bargain. Thanks to its compact and ergonomic size and shape, it’s easy to hold onto, it delivers a close, comfortable and irritation-free shave, and can be used wet or dry.

Panasonic has a long history of making reliable grooming tools, and it’s nice to see that they haven’t skimped on their usual standard of quality in this economically-priced electric shaver.

It’s available to buy in 3 very stylish colours – Blue, Silver and Red.