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Philips Series 3000 Beard & Stubble Trimmer Review

Philips Series 3000 beard trimmer review BT3222-13

Societal norms have never been more relaxed about facial hair as they are today. Barring certain professional settings, clean-shaven, heavily-bearded, and everything in between is fair game. If you fall into the “everything in between” camp, you owe it to yourself to check out the Philips BT3222/13 Series 3000 Beard Trimmer!

Philips Series 3000 BT3222/13 Key Features

Philips Series 3000 beard trimmer set
  • Lock-in settings from 0.5 to 10 mm make it easy to select the perfect length for your style.
  • Titanium-coated blades provide excellent cutting performance.
  • Rounded tips prevent skin irritation.
  • Charges fast – one hour of charging provides sixty minutes of runtime.
  • Head is detachable and washable for easy cleaning.
  • 3-pin UK plug included.

Philips BT3222/13 Beard and Stubble Trimmer Overview

A Three-Day Beard – Every Day!

According to my completely unscientific research methodology (scrutinizing myself in the mirror, and asking the opinion of family and friends), I, and by extension, most other men, look great with a three-day beard.

Neither clean-shaven nor unkempt, it’s the perfect amount of stubble, creating a rugged, yet well-groomed appearance – and is easy to achieve with the Philips BT3222/13 Series 3000.

Of course, you’re not limited to three days’ worth of stubble. Though the Series 3000 includes only one comb, that comb can be adjusted by twenty – I repeat, twenty – increments of 0.5 mm each, from 0.5 to 10 mm, allowing you to choose the perfect length for your beard. The comb is adjusted by scrolling a large wheel to the left or right.

I like how easy the wheel is to operate with one thumb, and the grooved surface ensures a solid grip.

Great Performance, Minimal Irritation

To make certain that hair is cut easily and efficiently, Philips put very sharp, enhanced titanium blades into their Series 3000 BT3222/13. The titanium provides added wear resistance, increasing blade longevity, while the rounded blade tips significantly reduce the risk of irritation, by gliding over, rather than digging into, sensitive skin.

Comfortable in the Hand, Easy to Care For

Philips beard trimmer products are held in high regard – even the BT3222/13 Series 3000, in spite of being a lower-cost offering, is ergonomically designed. Narrow at the base, tapering to a wider cutting head, and curved along the edges, it sits comfortably in my hand, and the heavier top section provides just the right amount of heft.

And though this beard trimmer isn’t water-resistant, the head can be quickly removed and held under running water, rinsing away stubble and dead skin.

Perfect for Use at Home, and on the Road!

The Philips BT3222/13 beard trimmer will likely spend much of its life on your bathroom counter at home – but has no qualms about accompanying you on your travels.

For maximum versatility, the trimmer can be used corded (with the included 3-pin UK mains plug), or cordless, thanks to the fast-charging, high capacity battery.

Many electric trimmers have a runtime of 45 minutes, which, while adequate, is still only seventy five percent of the 60 minutes for which the BT3222/13 can run.

Better yet is how quickly the battery charges – in a mere hour! Even if you’ve forgotten to plug the trimmer in and (quite unlikely) run the battery down to nothing, in an hour – or less – you’ll be ready to go.

Topping it off, the included compact travel pouch keeps the trimmer out of the way and protected while journeying from place to place.

The Final Word on the Philips BT3222/13

I’ve been fortunate to try a lot of high-end grooming products, including shavers and trimmers which cross the “That’s quite expensive!” line of £100. Most people would consider the BT3226/13 beard trimmer neither a high-end product nor particularly expensive. It is, however, well-reviewed, and understandably so.

For a modest investment, it provides excellent, reliable performance, keeping thousands of men happily bearded with nary a hair out of place.