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Best Shaving Gift Set Ideas for Him This Christmas

Summer’s once-green leaves will turn gold and red, furl up and fall off, leaving bare branches through which snow and an ever-colder wind will pass.

With winter comes Christmas – a time of friends, family, festivity – and the giving and receiving of gifts. Keep reading – our Christmas-ready shaving gift set guide will help you find the perfect shaving set for the men in your life!

For the Traditionalist…

Some men enjoy the ease and speed afforded by an electric shaver; others remain steadfast in their preference for wet shaving – the ages-old art of removing facial hair with emollient and a sharp-edged object.

Fortunately, we’ve come a long way from flint stones and crudely forged blades – today, choices abound, from traditional straightedge and safety razors to their modern, multi-bladed counterparts.

Edwin Jagger Gift Shaving set

Edwin Jagger Shaving Gift Set is a modern take on classic tradition, combining quality materials – hand-assembled, no less – with the comfort, closeness and convenience of disposable, multi-blade cartridges.

A striking combination of gloss ebony or off-white ivory-coloured handles with polished chrome accents makes this Edwin Jagger shaving set look great on any bathroom counter, while the included stand supports the wet shaver’s primary tools: A razor, and a brush.

The razor handle flares in the middle and tapers elegantly at both ends, providing a comfortable feel in hand, and the balanced, medium weight favours most shaving styles. Unlike traditional safety razors, Edwin Jagger’s offering accepts easily-available Gillette Mach 3 cartridges – one of the most popular types, thanks to their wide availability, excellent performance and ease of use.

Key to wet shaving is lather – and while modern gels and foams certainly perform well, there’s something to be said for the lather derived from high-quality shaving cream or soap — and Edwin Jagger’s pure badger hair shaving brush is up to the task.

Badger hair – which is comfortable against the skin, but provides enough texture to build an excellent lather – is widely regarded as superior to other types of natural bristle (such as horse or boar hair).

For the Minimalist…

Simple is good. One tool for the job. If you know someone who frequently utters such phrases, consider for them the Philips S5320/06 Series 5000 Electric Shaver. Designed and manufactured by Philips, a world leader in shaving technology, the Series 5000 shaves and trims – and the refreshing lack of extraneous attachments will be much appreciated by the organized sort that keeps their bathroom free of clutter.

philips men's electric shaver

Electric shavers are perfect for those whose busy lives simply don’t allow enough time for manual shaving – or men whose skin doesn’t tolerate close contact with a blade.

All Philips shavers utilize rotary technology – the shaving heads rotate in all directions, following facial contours, and allowing even the most difficult-to-reach hairs to be removed in fewer passes. The result is a smooth, irritation-free shave.

The Series 5000 electric shaver is packed with Philips’ advanced shaving technologies – such as the Flex Heads, which rotate independently in five different directions, allowing the MultiPrecision blades to mow down stubborn facial hair in a few strokes.

And if the intended recipient of your shaving-related gift has a need for speed, the Series 5000 features a Turbo Mode that ramps up the already impressive performance with a ten percent power boost. Fortunately, that extra power draw won’t strain the fast-charging, high-capacity battery much: its 45-minute runtime is sufficient for about 15 shaves.

Negating the need for a separate trimming tool, the Philips Series 5000 electric shaver includes a precision trimmer attachment – and using it couldn’t be easier: the shaver head clicks on and off, allowing the trimmer attachment to be put in place, ready to keep sideburns, moustaches and beards looking tidy.

With its superior shaving performance, attractive online price, and the quality and reliability that only a company such as Philips can provide, the S5320/06 Series 5000 electric shaver is one of our most highly recommended shaving gifts for this Christmas season.

For the Do-It-Yourselfer…

Maybe there’s someone on your gift list who has an independent spirit. Someone who balks at the idea of paying a small fortune to have their hair barbered, beard trimmed or body groomed every two weeks. We know just what they need: the Philips Series 5000 Men’s Grooming Kit. Another fine Philips product, the QG3362/23 trims hair, grooms sideburns, beards and moustaches – and for the modern man, mows down unsightly body hair.

Included are nine attachments – a full-size metal trimmer; mini foil shaver; nose trimmer; detail trimmer; beard and stubble comb; hair comb; body comb; and detail comb – perfect for tackling all manner of head, facial, and body hair. Of course, the Philips series 5000 9-in-1, Face trimmer can be adjusted to eighteen different lengths, allowing the perfect style to be precisely dialled in.

Though this is a lower-cost offering from Philips, important features haven’t been neglected: The blades – carefully forged from chromium steel – as well as the blade combs, have rounded tips, ensuring they glide smoothly over the skin, preventing cuts, redness and irritation. And the MG5720/13 80-minute battery provides enough runtime for even the most thorough grooming tasks.

What’s more, a five-minute charge allows for five minutes of grooming – ideal for a quick trim before heading out for the day.

As with other Philips products, the 8-in-1 trimmer is low maintenance – the water-resistant body can be rinsed under the tap, washing away accumulated stubble, while the self-sharpening blades hold a keen edge – no servicing or oiling required!

For the well-groomed barber-avoidant man, there are few better gift choices than the Philips Series 5000 9-in-1, Face and Hair Men’s Grooming Kit.

Happy gift-giving in 2022, everyone!