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Best Shaving Mirror Buying Guide 2023

best shaving mirror for bathroom

With proficiency comes confidence – so much so that people like to say that they could perform a given task with their eyes closed. Not so with shaving!

To err would be painful – or at least, unsightly. Keep reading – our guide to buying the best shaving mirrors will teach you everything you need to know about bathroom mirrors.

With so many types of mirrors to choose from, it’s worth going through this section carefully and… reflecting… on what you’ve learned. Forgive the pun. There are shapes, sizes, features, and price points to suit everyone, so read on!

Types of Shaving Mirrors

Flat Wall-Mounted Mirrors

By far the commonest type of mirror, you’ll find these flat, reflectively-backed pieces of glass mounted on walls, typically above a countertop, sink, or bathroom vanity.

Flat mirrors are unobtrusive, and appealing in their simplicity. Their uncomplicated appearance and low-profile design allow them to blend in with the décor of almost any bathroom.

Their shape, and the solidity of the wall to which such mirrors are affixed, make them very easy to clean.

For best results, avoid mounting a flat mirror over a countertop or vanity which sticks out from the wall by more than a couple of feet – otherwise, you’ll have trouble leaning in far enough to see how well you’re shaving!

The plainest flat mirrors feature unframed edges and are easy to care for. The Quavikey 500 x 700mm LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror is a good choice – it’s well made and fairly easy to mount vertically, or horizontally, thanks to the four pre-drilled holes and included hardware.

It features a built-in LED light that is activated by swiping your hand near the infrared sensor switch, has an electric shaver power socket and anti-fog system.

Best Magnifying Shaving Mirrors

A magnifying mirror reflects back a magnified image, making it perfect for the farsighted – or perfectionistic – shaver.

A larger reflection makes it easy to ensure that every that hair is removed, to allow for problematic areas to be worked around and to deal with stubborn growth patterns which require that you shave in several directions.

Most magnifying mirrors are small and circular in shape – though some square and rectangular options do exist.

The small size of a magnifying mirror means you’ll have to get quite close to the reflective surface to shave.

Many such mirrors feature a swivelling arm that allows for optimal positionings – such as the excellent Songmics 7x Magnification Mirror, which is kept in place by sturdy mounting hardware.

Feel like splurging?

Consider the simplehuman Wall Mount Sensor Mirror.

Is it expensive?

Yes, but it’s also one of the best-magnified shaving mirrors we could find – It’s exceptionally well-made, and features a number of innovative features, including auto-sensing illumination and high CRI (color rendering index) LEDs which provide a true-to-life reflection of your face, and 5x clear magnification.

simpehuman with sensor and light magnified

Recommended Extendable Mirror

At first glance, many extendable mirrors look very much like magnifying mirrors – and in some cases, they’re one and the same. However, some extending mirrors feature plain, non-magnifying glass, which is suitable for those who don’t want or require an enlarged image. An extendable mirror typically utilizes a multi-hinged accordion-style arm, whose triangular sections compress or elongate when pushed or pulled on, providing greater reach and more positioning options than a single-hinge swivelling arm.

The UniqueBella Shaving Mirror is a good, affordable wall mounted extendable option. Its arm extends to around 11 inches, while the round mirror can be tilted and swivel 360 degrees independently.

Freestanding Mirrors

Unlike their flat, magnifying and extendable counterparts, a freestanding mirror sits atop a counter or other surface.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, freestanding mirrors are well suited to small bathrooms, or those whose walls are too far to accommodate a flat mirror.

The Easehold Shaving Mirror Vanity Mirror has 38 Led Lights and multiple mirror section, and is vertically oriented, making it perfect for shaving.

The ultra-slim bezel protects the glass edges from accidental bumps without detracting from the elegant appearance of the mirror, and the large base includes a non-slip mat, on which your shaving tools can be placed.

It’s extremely thin and compact, features a lustrous chrome finish, and though plain in appearance, the lack of ridges and other embellishments means it’s very easy to clean.

Best Fogless Mirrors for Shaving

Most men prefer to shave with hot water, whether over the sink or in the shower. That’s fine and well – except for one problem: steam. Steam can fog up a mirror badly enough that your smooth wet shave becomes impossible, and wiping the mirror off with a cloth seldom does the trick. Enter the fogless shaving mirror!

The new ToiletTree Shower Mirror features a water chamber that, when filled with hot water, prevents condensation on the mirror’s surface.

Included is a squeegee for keeping the mirror clean, and removable silicone adhesive, allowing the mirror to be securely mounted in the shower.

A smaller, better, more portable option to consider is the iSatch Fog Free Shaving Mirror.

It works on the same principle as the aforementioned ToiletTree product but is suitable for traveling – or small shower stalls.

Though filling a chamber-based fogless mirror requires an extra minute of time, the small inconvenience is worth not having to frequently reapply a hydrophobic spray to the mirror’s surface.

Top Illuminated Mirrors

What good is a mirror without light? Though a bathroom’s overhead lights, or wall-mounted vanity bulbs, provide illumination, they may be insufficient for shaving. Too dim, too bright, the wrong tint, or unevenly dispersed, ordinary lighting can leave a lot to be desired. An illuminated mirror is the perfect solution – and thanks to modern LED technology, these mirrors are compact, energy-efficient and better performing than ever before.

The Hangsun Illuminated Mirror is a bestseller. Not only is it affordable – it’s portable, requiring only four AA batteries to power its high output LEDs. As such, it can be set up anywhere – even in a hotel room!

If you’re looking for something a little bit special with a lit mirror then a good wall-mounted option is iBathUK’s 700 x 500 mm Illuminated Bathroom Mirror. It’s large enough to provide a full view of your face, possible to align vertically or horizontally, and features a bright, sensor-activated, full-frame band of LEDs that provide plenty of light while you shave – and looks super stylish!

illuminated back lit mirror

How Are Shaving Mirrors Made?

A modern shaving mirror is made by applying a reflective coating – such as chrome, silver or aluminium – to one side of a piece of smooth, polished glass.

The coating is boiled in a chamber, and condensed onto the glass, creating a thin, perfectly even layer, which is protected by a backing.

The glass utilized in mirror production must be free of any imperfection which could distort the reflected image.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

…who’s the cleanest-shaven of all?

You are, of course – or at least, you will be, once you’ve purchased the perfect mirror to meet your needs.

The options are myriad, so take a bit of time to consider what suits you best, and discover how enjoyable shaving can be when you can actually see what you’re doing!