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Braun Series 6 60-B1200s Review

Braun Series 6 60-B1200s

From Braun, makers of world-class electric shavers, comes the Series 6 60-B1200s, a wet-dry men’s shaver that doesn’t sacrifice comfort in the name of a close shave. Smooth, straightforward and easy to use, the 60-B1200s is an entirely new addition to the Braun line of Series shavers – slotting itself nicely between the popular Series 5 and the Series 7.

Braun Series 6 Series 60-B1200s Key Features

  • Dermatologically-tested SensoFlex swivel head follows facial contours to reduce pressure against skin
  • Special SensoFoil blades cut close with minimal irritation
  • Included precision trimmer attachment makes trimming sideburns and moustache easy
  • Cordless operation with rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to three weeks’ worth of shaves
  • Completely waterproof design for use dry, with shaving gel, or in the shower

Braun Series 6 Swiveling Head Minimizes Pressure

‘Dermatologically tested’—it’s not every day that those words are used to describe an electric shaver. But that’s exactly what Braun’s Series 6 shaver is. Two perforated foils, separated by a flat, zig-zag pattern cutting element, swivel up and down on a central axis. 

Run the shaver over a raised area such as your jawline, and the foil moves in response, returning to its original position when force is no longer applied. The result? A close, yet low-pressure shave. 

Long-Lasting, Face-Friendly SensoFoil Blades

Included with the Braun 60-B1200s are SensoFoil blades. They work in tandem with the SensoFlex head, further reducing irritation when shaving sensitive skin. How? Each shaving foil has a rounded top, covered in 899 perforations that capture even flat-lying facial hair without tugging, and trim it as close as 0.058mm. 

Your skin is protected by the foils from the razor-sharp blades below. The blades are long-lasting, too—expect many months of use before they need replacing.

EasyClick Feature Quickly Upgrades Your Shaver

The 60-B1200s utilizes Braun’s EasyClick system. Using it is a snap—literally. Simply pull the shaving head from the body of the shaver, and click an attachment onto the spring-loaded rod. A variety of EasyClick attachments—the included precision trimmer, a beard trimmer, stubble trimmer, pore cleansing brush and full-body groomer—are available, transforming any EasyClick-ready shaver into an all-in-one grooming tool.

Integrated Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Operation

Packed into the attractive black and metallic blue shell of the Braun Series 6 is a rechargeable, high-capacity Li-Ion battery. One full charge provides 50 minutes of runtime—that’s up to three weeks of shaves. Should you forget to plug in your shaver (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us), the quick-charge feature gets it up and running: just five minutes, and the 60-B1200s will be ready for one full shave.

Excellent Ergonomics, Intuitive Display

The 60-B1200s features a newly designed ergonomic handle, and like those found on other Braun electric shavers, we quite like it—it’s small and maneuverable, with a tapered section close to the handle shoulder for good control. The large power button has a raised outer edge and depressed centre, making it easy to press. On the front and back of the handle is a soft, micro-textured material that provides good grip even when wet—and the LED display provides battery, mains power and travel lock status, as well as a reminder to clean the shaver and replace blades.

Totally Waterproof Design Suits Any Shaving Style

Braun’s 60-B1200s boldly goes where, years ago, no shaver would have dared: into the shower. Thanks to a 100 percent waterproof design, the shaver can be used wet, dry, or with gel or foam. 

Dry is our preferred method if in a hurry—the result is still comfortable, and we can easily see what we’re doing—but few things are better than a relaxing shave in the shower, made even more silky smooth by the addition of a quality foam or gel. Cleanup couldn’t be easier. Just rinse the shaver off under running water.

Travel-Ready—Keeps You Looking Your Best, Even on the Road  

With the Braun Series 6 60-B1200s, there’s no excuse not to be well-groomed. Between the long-lasting battery, quick-charge feature, included travel case—well done, Braun, for tailoring the case to fit the shaver instead of opting for a generic pouch—cleaning brush and SmartPlug (with an integrated electrical transformer), the 60-B1200s is ready to go where your travels take you.

Braun 60-B1200s Pros & Cons

The pros…

  • Gentle on sensitive skin—the 60-B1200s is designed to cut close without irritation.
  • Can be instantly transformed with the EasyClick system, allowing the  60-B1200s to do more than just shave.
  • Waterproof design, making the shaver suitable for use in and out of the shower, and with your favourite shaving products. 
  • Good battery life, allowing you to go potentially weeks between charges, depending on shaving frequency and beard density.
  • Included travel accessories make this an ideal electric shaver to use away from home.

The Cons…

  • Some users might prefer an even closer shave. For those with extra-sensitive skin, however, this is a worthwhile tradeoff.
  • The Braun Clean&Charge station isn’t included. Though the shaver can be cleaned and charged without it, it would have been nice to have.
  • The 60-B1200s is well-constructed but light in weight. Some users might prefer more heft.

Though not the most advanced electrical shaver, the 60-B1200s has a lot to offer in a compact, competitively priced package. Let’s recap what we like, and go over what could be improved.

Beyond a few minor quibbles, there’s little fault to find with the new Braun Series 6 electric shaver for men. It’s a basic, effective, budget-friendly electric shaver that does what it should—provide a close, comfortable shave without any fuss. If you need a good travel shaver, or aren’t ready to invest in a model with all the bells and whistles, the 60-B1200s is a great choice. Thanks for reading!

Our Rating of the Braun Series 6 60-B1200s Shaver Review