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Best Hair Removal Creams for Men 2023

Remember when looking like Burt Reynolds – you know, hairy? – was “in”?

Well, that was decades ago.

In 2023, it’s perfectly acceptable, and often desirable, for a man to keep his body hair under control.

A number of options, such as trimming, shaving, and waxing, exist, and they all have their pros – and cons.

But something’s missing from this list: hair removal cream. It’s a quick, easy alternative that can provide longer-lasting results.

Our Top Recommended Hair Removal Creams for Men

Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Cream

There are a number of products to choose from, but the two most highly recommended, and boasting positive customer reviews are made by Veet and Nair – both well-regarded companies with a history of manufacturing depilatory creams.

Veet’s “cream” – actually a gel – is easy to use. Simply apply over undesired body hair, wait four minutes, and rinse it away in the shower. Some users report that Veet, due to its gel-like consistency, is best removed with the aid of a washcloth and gentle soap.

Veet can be used almost anywhere on the body: Chest, shoulders, back, legs and underarms are fine – just exercise caution near sensitive areas (such as privates or bum). Veet for Men doesn’t leave any hair behind, so you can say goodbye to stubble (and razor burn if you’re prone to that).

How Do Hair Removal Creams Work?

Men’s hair removal cream also called “depilatory cream”, removes hair by degrading the structure of keratin (the protein from which hair is made) with highly alkaline substances. When keratin is degraded, hairs become weak enough to simply be brushed away.

Advantages of Hair Removal Cream over Other Methods

Compared to trimming, shaving, or waxing, depilatory cream offers a number of advantages:

  • Regrowth is finer and softer. Trimming and shaving leave the ends of hairs blunt and square. This causes the hair to appear – and feel – harder and thicker when it grows back. Hair removal cream, on the other hand, leaves hairs with smoother, softer, more tapered ends.
  • Hair takes longer to grow back. Creams dissolve hair just under the skin’s surface. That means you can enjoy smooth, completely stubble-free skin for as long as four days.
  • More convenient. One of the great things about hair removal cream is how easy it is to use. Apply it in the shower, or beforehand. After a few minutes, just rinse the cream (and unwanted body hair) right off
  • (Generally) more comfortable. Clippers and trimmers can cause irritation. Shaving can cause bleeding, ingrown hairs and razor burn. And waxing, well, waxing flat-out hurts. Hair removal cream, on the other hand, is non-mechanical – there’s no scraping, cutting or tugging involved, and as such, creams are usually much gentler on the skin. Just be sure to test a small amount of cream on an inconspicuous area first, to ensure its compatibility with your skin type.

Example of How to Use Nair Hair Removal Cream

using nair cream

Nair Hair Remover Body Cream for Men

Nair has existed as a company for 75 years — that’s three-quarters of a century of depilatory expertise packed into each bottle of their Hair Remover Cream. Just like Veet, it’s easy to use: Apply to clean, dry skin, covering unwanted hair.

Leave on for a minimum of one, and a maximum of ten, minutes. Remove the cream with a damp washcloth and pat yourself dry.

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Nair leaves your skin smooth and hair-free for days. Nair is the best choice for those whose body hair is thick or coarse – just remember to follow the instructions and not exceed the maximum recommended application time.

Veet or Nair, it’s goodbye hair. Try one today – after you see how easy hair removal cream is to use, and if it’s a good fit for you, you’ll probably retire your razor, put your body trimmer in a drawer and toss your waxing kit in the bin!