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Philips Series 5000 Shaver vs 7000 Shaver

series 5000 shaver overview

The dependable Philips brand and its team of beauty and grooming product designers produce some of the world’s finest electric rotary shavers, including the Series 5000 and Series 7000 line of men’s shavers.

At a glance, these Philips electric razors look very similar, making it tricky to distinguish the qualities they have to offer, which one of the two is better and right for you. But there are more differences than first meet the eye, so read on to learn what makes each of these top-quality electric shavers unique.

Series 5000 and 7000 – Speed vs. Comfort

philips series 7000 mens shaver
The Philips Series 7000 Shaver

Allow us to preface this by clarifying that both the Series 5000 and 7000 rotary shavers perform admirably and that neither is slow or uncomfortable – merely that each operates a little differently.

The Philips Series 5000 was built for speed. Its MultiPrecision blade system works in tandem with three 5-direction Flex Heads, quickly and accurately lifting and cutting both short and long facial hairs – even stubborn, hard to reach, and flat-lying hairs that other shavers miss.

The increased skin contact provided by Philips’ Flex Head technology means a close shave in fewer passes – especially important on sensitive areas like the neck.

The Philips Series 7000 was designed with extra comfort in mind. Like the Series 5000, it features 5-direction Flex Heads that gently follow your unique facial contours with minimal pressure.

Philips’ patented GentlePrecision blade system, with its circularly arranged slots and V-shaped blades, shifts skin out of the way, and positions each hair at its optimal cutting point – removing short and long facial hair without causing irritation.

Unique to Series 9000 electric shavers are SkinGlide rings, comprised of a remarkably smooth anti-friction coating that surrounds each rotating head. SkinGlide contains thousands of tiny, evenly distributed glass-like spheres that decrease surface resistance, allowing the shaver to glide easily over skin. Lower friction means reduced pressure and redness.

Philips Series 5000 vs 7000 Battery Life

Both the Series 5000 and 7000 electric shavers run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Light, powerful, and immune to the so-called “memory effect”, lithium batteries are standard in most high-end grooming tools.

Series 5000 shavers run for approximately 40 minutes, while those in the Series 7000 range have a slightly better and longer runtime of 50 minutes.

Either is respectable, capable of providing at least 13, and up to 17, shaves – and recharge times are fast, in the area of 1 hour to replenish a fully-depleted battery.

Add to that a quick-charge feature that provides enough power for one shave after just 5 minutes of charging, and there’s little worry about not being able to shave when you need to.

The Series 5000 power adapter consumes a maximum of 9W, as compared to the 5.7W of the Series 7000 adapter. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a small difference, but one that some watt-watchers may find worth considering.

Appearance and Ergonomics

series 5000 shaver overview

Where the Philips Series 5000, with its black, silver, and blue colour scheme, is dark and striking in appearance, the Series 7000, with a white, vibrant teal and matte metallic body, looks light and fresh.

Both shavers are highly ergonomic, tapering near the butt-end of the handle, flaring out, then tapering in again near the power button.

On the rear portion of the handle, stippled, soft-touch material provides extra grip – essential when using the shaver wet.

The power button on the Series 5000 is placed on a panel that subtly protrudes from the shaver body, making it easier to press, whereas the Series 7000 power button is recessed and slightly narrower. That extra depth requires a touch more reach but reduces the possibility of accidentally powering the shaver on or off.

Placed side-by-side, the difference in handle shape between the two shavers becomes more apparent.

The Series 5000 sports a pronounced, angular taper, which curves inward at a lower point, whereas the Series 7000’s elongated handle may be more comfortable for those with long fingers.

However, the broader shoulders of the Series 7000 necessitate a lower grip, whereas the Series 5000 can be “choked up” on, allowing the application of more pressure with greater precision.

Accessories With the 5000 and 7000

Both shavers include a Philips SmartClick Precision Trimmer – a click-on, click-off, round-tipped beard detailing tool for maintaining beards up to 5 mm in length.

Also included with each shaver is a travel accessory – in the case of the Series 5000, a clip-on protective cap that protects the shaver head from dust, debris, and impacts. With the Series 7000 is a pouch that’s perfect for storing the razor while traveling, or when not in use.

Now, the Philips series 7000 is available in different models – S7921/51, S7370/12, and S7530/50 – which come with various accessories such as Exfoliation electric cleansing Brush, Precision Trimmer, and travel pouch.

The Philips series 5000 comes in models S5420/06 AquaTouch, S5130/06, and S5572/10 – which are all pretty much the same, apart from colours and Turbo+.

What’s the Same with the 5000 and 7000 Shavers

Philips Series 7000 With Bluetooth Smart Shave Technology
  • Universal, wide input voltage (100-240V) power adapter for worldwide operation
  • Corded and cordless use
  • Display features: 1-level battery indicator; low battery indicator; cleaning indicator; travel lock indicator; shaving head replacement indicator
  • Aquatec Wet and Dry technology, for use with cream, gel, or in the shower
  • 2-year guarantee

Still Can’t Decide?

Don’t worry – both are excellent wet & dry shavers in a similar price range – it’s a tough call.

Based on their most significant differences, we’d recommend the Philips Series 5000 if you favour speed, and your skin isn’t especially sensitive, because it’s designed more for speed and efficiency, with “Turbo Plus Mode”.

But if your face and neck are irritation-prone, try the Series 7000 with its dermatologically tested anti-friction rotary heads – designed with extra comfort-oriented features, it provides an exceptionally close shave without redness or pain. Also, the new series 7000 has “Smart Shaver” technology which allows you to connect your shaver and smartphone for a more personalised shave – a feature currently not available on the series 5000.