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Using Shaving Gel or Cream with an Electric Shaver

shaving gel foam in hand

Modern shaving razors have come a long way in creating a comfortable experience even for those with the most sensitive skin.

Traditional shaving tools are often used with a variety of lubricants, such as foams, oils, creams and gels, that help prevent irritation, moisturize, and help achieve a close shave without nicks.

These lubricants aren’t just for traditional shavers. Today’s best wet and dry electric shavers often work well both. That’s right, waterproof electric shavers means you can shave with any shaving gel or cream – or any shaving lubricant – for a fresh wet shave that was, until recently, reserved for manual razors.

But is it best to use shaving gel, creams, or foams with your electric shaver? Let’s break it down.

Dry vs. Wet

Not all electric shavers are created equal, and not all can work well on both dry and wet skin.

Whereas non-electric shavers need some kind of lubricant — whether water, shaving cream, or gel — to work most efficiently, not all electric shavers require that approach. 

The best electric shavers can give you a close look even when dry shaving. They are high-powered machines that work quickly, and those with multiple shaving heads and high-speed capabilities help you get a super-close shave even while dry. 

If your electric shaver is waterproof you can use it in the shower or afterward with the shaving cream, gel, or foam of your choice (some electric shavers even combine dry/wet capabilities).

While electric shaving, in general, does not require integrating a lubricant into the routine, you may find that using your usual gel or foam with your waterproof electric shaver works like a charm.

You may find that when using an electric shaver, you get the same benefit from going dry. It’s all down to your personal preference, skin type, and type of razor you own.

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Wet Shaving Benefits

First, there’s the comfort factor. If you’ve always wet-shaved, you may find that combining wet shaving with an electric shaver achieves what you normally have achieved through your traditional razor.

As with traditional razors, wet shaving with electric shavers allows the blades to move over your skin more smoothly, dramatically decreasing the potential for irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs.

When it comes down to it wet hair is far easier to cut than dry. That’s why you get a shampoo or get your hair spritzed with water before a haircut. It’s also why it’s best to wet your face with warm water even before you start shaving or applying a foam, gel, or cream. 

Another big benefit: efficiency. Those using a waterproof electric shaver have the option of shaving while in the shower, perfect if you’re rushing to get out the door.

Best Wet Electric Shaver Techniques

If you’re used to traditional wet shaving with a non-electric razor, you may be familiar with the best preparation techniques for wet electric shaving.

A hot shower, again, helps here. Washing your face or exposing it to hot water and steam primes your skin for a fantastic shave.

Waterproof electric shavers can work well with the lubricant of your choice. Pick a shaving cream, gel, or foam that’s high-quality and works with your skin type is a must.

Contrary to popular belief, shaving lubricants don’t need to make a large, thick lather for you to get a close, comfortable shave.

Many of the best products that work with electric shavers are thinner gels or lubes that come with ingredients that soothe and moisturize the face.

Once you’ve pinpointed the best cream or gel for your face, focus on how you apply it to your face.

For the best shaved with a waterproof electric shaver, you’ll want to massage the lubricant on your face or in your facial hair against the natural grain, which helps to further prime and lift the hairs and even stubble for a smooth shave.

Then, leave the cream or gel on for a little bit — a few minutes or so — which continues to soften the hair before you even begin shaving.

And just as you applied the lubricant against the grain, you’ll be shaving with your waterproof electric shaver against the grain as well.

Even with the waterproof electric shaver’s closeness, you’ll still benefit from your usual post-shave routine — washing your face with cool water and applying an aftershave lotion or balm.

 The Bottom Line

By using a waterproof electric shaver, you can get the same great results as a dry electric shaver, with the added comfort that comes with proper moisture from gels and creams.