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Philips OneBlade Shaver Review: QP2520/30

The word “innovative” gets used a lot these days, and the world of body hair trimmers isn’t immune from such hyperbole.

But once in awhile, along comes a product which truly is innovative, which does stand out from the crowd – an impressive product like the latest shaving tool from Philips OneBlade QP2520/30 electric shaver.

Intrigued? You should be. Keep reading to learn what’s so special about this new kid on the block…

Philips OneBlade Features

  • OneBlade design allows downward trimming, upward edging or full shaving of any length of facial hair.
  • One full hour of runtime from high-capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery.
  • Includes two-pin plug for charging.
  • 2 replaceable blades last up to eight months (based on two full shaves per week).
  • Comes with 2 OneBlade replaceable blades, 4 stubble combs and rechargeable handle.
  • Wet or dry operation, with foam or without.

Philips OneBlade QP2520/30 Shaver Overview

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Innovative OneBlade Technology Does More Than Just Shave

Though I call the Philips OneBlade an electric “shaver”, it’s actually a multipurpose grooming tool. It trims, edges and shaves hair of any length – making it ideal for both fully-bearded men, and those who keep their facial hair short and neatly styled.

And in spite of the Philips OneBlade’s fast-moving (12,000 times per minute) cutter, the shaver’s dual-protection system (in the form of a low-friction coating, and rounded, advanced polymer tips) prevents blades from slicing too close to the skin – resulting in a smooth, yet comfortable shave.

One Tool Does it All!

I love how versatile the OneBlade is. It certainly allows me to be clean-shaven, if so desired – but there are times when I’d rather groom and style my facial hair, a task at which the OneBlade excels.

The four included combs – of 1, 2, 3 and 5 mm lengths – allow for anything from a slight shadow of a beard, to several days’ worth of stubble, without the hassle of shaving it all off, only to wait for it to grow back to the perfect length.

I find that the OneBlade cuts hair evenly, unlike some trimmers that require several passes to be made before a semblance of neatness is achieved.

Edging – the outlining, tidying up and selective removal of hairs that can make the difference between a stylish and scruffy-looking beard – is a cinch with the Philips OneBlade QP2520/30.

Simply move the shaver upward in either direction – the unique flat blade design makes it easy to see exactly what you’re doing, and ensure that you don’t remove any facial hair you want to keep!

And of course, shaving is easy, too – unlike many shavers, the OneBlade can be used against the grain, thanks to its dual-protection system, and close-but-not-too-close cutting design.

I think there’s more at play behind the great comfort this shaver provides, though – the cutting head swivels, allowing it to follow the shape of my neck and face.

Unlike a fixed-head razor, the OneBlade adapts to facial contours, reducing excessive pressure and minimizing irritation.

Powerful Battery Holds a Large Charge

Everything about the Philips OneBlade – from the black and nearly-fluorescent yellow colour scheme, to the diamond-patterned, knurled blade face, to the sleekly curved handle, suggests power and performance – and this shaver does provide adequate cutting power, thanks to its high-capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

I’m a big fan of lithium technology. The batteries are smaller, lighter, and hold more energy than their nickel cadmium counterpart.

The OneBlade QP2520/30’s battery is exceptional: it provides 60 minutes of constant runtime after a four hour charge. Many lesser known shavers and trimmers struggle to match this power.

Wet or Dry Shaving Operation

Not too many years ago, the idea of putting an electric shaver under running water would have been preposterous. Thankfully, technology has improved.

The Philips OneBlade features a water-resistant design that not only makes it possible to rinse away bits of stubble, but to shave with foam, for even greater comfort.

Durable, Long-Lasting Blades

The first time I saw the cost of a single replacement blade – around the £12 mark – I winced. But after a brief analysis, I realized that the cost was reasonable.

Each blade lasts an average of four months, meaning you’ll be spending a mere £3 per month – cheaper than a using a disposable cartridge razor!

Philips OneBlade Review Summery

I’ve never seen a grooming tool like the Philips OneBlade before – neither in terms of looks, nor capability.

It’s also affordably priced, very comfortable to hold and use (I love how the handle narrows near the cutting head, ensuring it never hits your chin or jaw when beard trimming), and very few men experienced any irritation, thanks to the innovative blade design, and dual-protection system.

If you alternate between clean-shaven and bearded, I’d unhesitatingly recommend that you try this OneBlade shaver, or its big brother – the OneBlade Pro QP6650/30!